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Time to Upgrade: Changing Houses and Leaving Your Starter Home

Starter homes are great for serving their purpose: starting you out. A start home, however, isn’t a forever home. Start homes are, in most cases, homes that people buy at a young age to get them started in home buying.

These homes tend to be smaller in size, without all the bells and whistles. You may have compromised when purchasing your first home, or it might have crossed everything off your must-have list at the time. Fast forward to the present, you need something more.

Changing houses isn’t uncommon. It may take a few houses before you find your forever home. No one can look into the future and know exactly how their life will look 5 or 10 years from now.

image - Time to Upgrade Changing Houses and Leaving Your Starter Home
Time to Upgrade Changing Houses and Leaving Your Starter Home

Maybe you weren’t planning on starting a family or having a career change, but here you are, and now it’s time for a house upgrade. Continue reading below for our guide on how to tell it’s time for an upgrade and how to plan for one!

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How to Determine It’s Time

How will you know if it’s time to sell your starter home and move into a new one? Everyone’s life path is different from one another. There’s no one true answer to this question since many people upgrade to new homes for several reasons.

Some move due to job relocations or to move closer to family.

There are a few reasons that might mean it’s time for you to move without actually forcing you to move, though. Here’s what you need to know.

You’ve Outgrown It

You loved your starter home and it served you well for many years. Now, you’ve started a family. The children outnumber the adults and those 4 small walls that once fit everything you needed inside them no longer have enough space for one child.

When your home begins to feel overrun by children and pets, it might be time to upgrade. Find a new home with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone to live comfortably.

Renovations Can’t Fix It

In some instances, a starter home only needs a few upgrades or renovations to make it into the home you need. A few renovations that could fix your troubles would be adding on more room, building a pool, or upgrading the flooring and kitchens and bathrooms.

If renovations can fix the issues with your current home, then you might not need to leave. Not all home additions or pools pass for a permit, however, and some things renovations can’t fix such as the location, school district, or layout of the home.

When this is the case, it’s time to leave your starter home.

Ways to Sell Your House Quick

Once you’re ready to place your house on the market, you’ll want to sell for the best price and fast! The longer the house sits on the market, the less you can expect to get for it. There are several ways to ensure your house sells quickly and for the price you want.

Make the Right Upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades will help sell your house in no time. Some cosmetic upgrades to do that are inexpensive and will give you your money’s worth are painting the interior and exterior, maintaining the garden, updating hardware and light fixtures, and removing all personal items.

If there are more serious upgrades needed, such as upgrades and repairs to the foundation, electrical, or roof, then you’ll want to speak with your real estate agent about the best steps to take.

Sell to a Cash Buyer As-Is

Selling your house as-is to a cash buyer will move the selling process along quickly. Because these sellers will buy the house as-is, you don’t have to worry about putting any money into it. They also have cash on hand, so no lenders are involved, which can slow the process down.

Do keep in mind that when selling a house as-is, you can expect to sell it for less.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent is a great way to get the best price for your house and sell it quickly. Your agent will have the knowledge and experience needed to handle the entire process for you while giving you advice along the way.

Be sure to do your research and find a reputable agent.

Tips to Prepare for the Move

During all of these other things going on, you’ll need to begin preparing for the move. Moving from one home to another is stressful if not well-prepared for. You can make the move less stressful if you follow a few of our tips.

Start Packing Early

As soon as you know you’re moving, you should start preparing for it. Begin by packing up room by room. Keep all boxes for that specific room inside that room.

Pack up the bathrooms and kitchens last since you’ll use these rooms the most. Each family member should have their own box for necessities as well, such as toiletries and personal care items needed daily.

Stay Organized Throughout

Stay organized throughout the entire move to keep stress at a minimum. Label everything. Keep all boxes for the same room together. Load the truck room by room.

Unload the truck room by room, and hire professional movers if needed.

Factors to Consider in a New Home

When looking for your new home, there are a few factors you need to consider. You don’t want to move from one house only to move into a house with the same issues as the last one. Be sure to do your research before making the move.

Upgrades and Improvements

Look online at home listings, such as these listings, to search for upgrades and improvements from your starter home. Browse through the listings and only spend time and effort on homes that give you what your current home doesn’t.

Does the listing cross off all your must-haves or a good amount of them? Don’t make the same compromises you did with your starter home. If you’re going to make the move, make sure it’s worth it.

Is Changing Houses Right for You?

Do you know if changing houses is right for you? We hope you’re able to come to a decision after reading through this guide. Know how to determine if it’s time to move and how to plan the move as well!

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