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What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent? 5 Must-Have Qualities

When you’re ready to buy or sell a home, you want to make sure you find a real estate agent who can get the job done efficiently and for the best price.

But what makes a good real estate agent?

image - What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent? 5 Must-Have Qualities
What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent? 5 Must-Have Qualities

Keep reading to learn what makes a good realtor and how to make sure you find one that will make your buying and selling experience better.

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1. They Have Excellent Communication

The number one thing you need in a realtor is someone who has above-average communication skills and isn’t afraid to use them.

The home buying and selling process isn’t a short or easy one. Different states have different laws, there’s a marathon of detailed legal paperwork, and you’ll need to jump through multiple hoops in most sales to complete them. A good realtor should have the skills to explain each part of the process to you.

Excellent communication will also help you avoid nasty surprises that can arise from not entirely understanding a situation or your options.

2. They Are Proactive, Not Reactive

The best real estate agent will be proactive about the process instead of merely letting it unfold. You want a realtor who hopes for the best but plans for the worst.

When you’re looking for an agent, listen for language that shows they’re proactive. They’ll say things like “just in case” and “if that happens” and “here are some other options.” This shows they will be several steps ahead of situations instead of trying to keep up with them as they arise.

3. They Listen to Their Clients

When you explain how many rooms you need and what your price range is, you want to know that your realtor has heard you and is responding accordingly.

An extension of good communication, listening is something that not everyone knows how to do. Having this quality in a realtor, however, means a more efficient process.

4. They Continue to Learn

Look for a realtor that continues to take classes and learn their field. Different organizations have different requirements, but most realtors are required to obtain continuing education credits.

Real estate laws and practices change over time. Having a real estate agent that takes time to stay up-to-date with these changes means they take their job and clients seriously.

5. They Can Give You References

Ask a realtor for testimonials or statements from their last ten sales. If they hesitate to provide you with references, you should hesitate to work with them.

A good realtor should have a handful of statements from satisfied clients that mention the other above points as standard operating practice.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

So, what makes a good real estate agent? Good communication and listening skills, a willingness to continue learning for their clients, a proactive nature that looks ahead, and a happy list of past clients.

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