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10 Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Home This Year

Home improvement can be fun but daunting and is the source of a lot of day-dreaming. 68% of US consumers visit home improvement websites every year, imagining what they can do their house to spruce it up.

In this economy, it might be difficult to imagine what you can possibly do. Home improvement sounds expensive, and money is better kept for necessities in these times!

image - 10 Budget Friendly Ways to Update Your Home This Year
10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Home This Year

However, there are plenty of ways you can update your home without breaking the bank. Whether it’s improving the aesthetic or the functionality of something in your home, there is so much you can do on a budget that will make a huge difference.

All it takes is a little bit of effort and innovation!

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  1. Update Your Home with a New Paint Job for the Walls

Is there a room that just seems dull? Is there a color you don’t quite like? There’s never been a better time to take a brush to the walls.

It doesn’t take an expert. Use painters’ tape, be careful, and your paint job will look flawless.

If there’s no room that could use a whole refresh, you can paint a new accent color on the walls or even a beautiful pattern.

  1. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Brighten up your kitchen by updating the cabinets. If you’re looking to update your home on a budget, a new paint job on the cabinets can make all the difference.

If you like the color of the cabinets as they are, consider updating them with new hardware. New hinges on the doors could replace old ones for more seamless movement, or pretty new doorknobs that match the paint.

  1. Refresh Your Deck or Porch

If you have an old deck or a porch that needs some maintenance, there’s never been a better time for improvements.

Find new, cheap garden furniture for the porch so you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

If you have a wooden deck, it’s time to power wash until it’s gleaming again.

Don’t let yourself be cooped up indoors. A porch or deck that looks brand new will inspire you to enjoy your yard again.

  1. Upgrade the Mailbox

One of the most inexpensive updates to your home that can make all the difference is to upgrade the mailbox.

Curbside mailboxes are among the first things people come across when entering your home, or even just passing. They may not be large, but a nice, new, polished box can make all the difference when you’re returning home and make you feel good about returning to your house.

  1. Change Your Lock to a Keyless Entry

If you’re one of those people that’s always losing your keys, fear not!

One of the best ways to update your home and make it more modern is to add a keyless entry. An electronic entry means that you can type in a passcode rather than remember to take your keys everywhere, and it’s very secure too.

  1. Add Some Mood Lighting

Of all the easy ways to update your home, lighting can make a big difference.

You don’t have to rewire the house. Add some string lights above your bed for a soft glow, or add some outdoor lighting on the path through your yard to create a peaceful atmosphere.

There’s no room or outdoor space that can’t be improved by the right lighting.

  1. Install a Dishwasher to Save on Water Bills

Did you know you can save on your water hugely by using a dishwasher instead of washing by hand?

It might be time to update your appliances. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be too expensive.

There are appliances for leasing if you don’t want to purchase outright, and these can be very affordable.

  1. Install a Water Filter

Water filters can cost a couple of hundred dollars, but if you’re a drinker of bottled water, consider buying one! It won’t be long until the filter pays for itself.

You’ll have access to good quality water without having to refresh your supply of bottles, and it’s more economically friendly too.

  1. Add a Bird Feeder or Squirrel Picnic Table

If you want to attract wildlife to your garden, consider a bird feeder or picnic table for squirrels!

Bird feeders can attract all sorts of winged friends.

Small picnic tables have become popular because they look absolutely adorable when food is placed on them, and squirrels sit on the bench to eat. There have been instances of many other forms of wildlife enjoying these too!

  1. Dress up the Furniture

Your dining table or sofa might be starting to look worn out, but this doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new one.

Some new cushions or a cover for your sofa can change the look entirely and better match the vibe you want for the room. Likewise, you can purchase a cover for the dining table to improve the aesthetic of the whole room.

If you’re sick and tired of the furniture you have, don’t let the expenses turn you off to change. There are much simpler and cheaper ways to update the look than to purchase a whole new bunch of furniture!

Updating Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive!

If you’ve been dying to update your home but don’t think it’s within your budget, let these ideas inspire you. They range from a few dollars to a couple of hundred, so there’s something to fit everyone’s budget.

It can be easy to feel caught in a rut when the economy isn’t great, and everyone’s stuck inside, but you should always feel great in your home.

For more tips about your home, check out the rest of our blog!