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New Home Renovation Ideas

Every home can benefit from a bit of renovation and improvement in the living spaces. Be it for reselling the house or improving it for yourself and your family – renovation is always welcome.

Depending on the extent of the renovation and your involvement, some large-scale remodeling may be required. However, even a few small tweaks can make a big difference in the value of your living space.

image - New Home Renovation Ideas
New Home Renovation Ideas

Here, we look at a few home renovation ideas that can significantly improve the value (real and perceived) of your space.

These will surely impress potential buyers or simply make the environment more functionally beautiful. Either way, these ideas will create a win-win situation for you.

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1. Upgrade the Front Door

One shouldn’t underestimate the power of the front door to impress. Experts suggest that people make up their minds in the first few seconds of entering the house.

It provides the critical first impressions and marks the transition space for your home.

You can upgrade the front door by painting it, replacing the lights on the porch, upgrading the house numbers, introducing a new doormat, or by simply cleaning the front of the house thoroughly.

A welcoming entrance can definitely improve the real and perceived value of your house.

2. Clean the Lawn

A patchy and overgrown lawn can make anyone cringe or at least make one moderately uncomfortable. That is why it is crucial that you tidy up your lawn and keep the landscape well-trimmed.

Edging grass, pruning shrubs, and trimming the bushes will not only make your lawn look well-kempt but will also be that much more inviting.

3. Create Living Spaces

Living spaces are where memories are created.

This could be a deck, a patio, or a gazebo – any place where family and friends can come together and spend time together for a few hours on a warm summer evening.

All the better, if it is covered up as natural elements such as heat and rain, won’t be able to wash away your ability to use the structure.

Even a gravel area with a few seating places can be considered a beautiful spot for play and conversation.

4. Prune, Trim, and Plant Trees

There is no space that cannot be beautified by a bit of greenery. Everyone loves a shaded yard. The presence of trees not only increases the exterior appeal but also purifies the surrounding air.

That is why it is important that you plan for the future and plant a few trees.

These can also, in the long run, reduce cooling costs by as much as 40%. At the same time, ensure that these are properly trimmed so they do not obscure the view.

This will make a beautiful house even more desirable.

5. Lights in the Living Room

It is not possible for every living room to be situated such that it receives ample natural light.

To fix this problem, either remove the obstacles allowing the light to reach the living room fully or take lighting matters into your own hands.

Choose beautiful lighting fixtures or install wall sconces. Whatever you do, make sure that the area is well-lit at all times, be it day or night.

6. Prioritize Seating

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bench, a few chairs, or even one single chair. The entryway has to have someplace where one can sit.

This makes it easy for people to sit and remove or put on shoes though it comes in handy in other ways as well.

This is where you can place your bags temporarily or have your neighbors sit whenever they decide to drop in for a bit.

7. Hang a Mirror

It is always nice to take one last look at yourself before leaving the house or answering the door. A mirror next to the front door comes in quite handy and is a useful inclusion.

Mirrors also help bounce light which helps to keep the entryway looking well-lit and vibrant.


These are some of the top ideas to renovate your new home that can greatly improve the living space and improve its value.

If you are looking for further suggestions and services, Mayfair Building Group and Renovations can help you in beautifying your house and make it an attractive and desirable place to live.