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DIY Home Repaint in 2020

“There’s no place like home”.

Our house is what we value most in this life. It is the most important and safest place, the biggest reward, and the greatest achievement we have ever accomplished after all the hard work and relentless endeavors.

But as years go by, along with us, the house is getting older and is probably showing deterioration. It might be displaying some indications of rottenness, cracked in some parts, and the paints are fading away.

image - DIY Home Repaint in 2020
DIY Home Repaint in 2020

Why Does Repainting the House Matters?

Repainting our house freshens up its beauty and adds character and personality to your home. It brings back to its original nice-looking appearance or even more attractive.

And repainting our house is the best line of defense against damages, insects, and the weather. And it is the best way to maintain your house in excellent condition.

Letting professional painting contractors do the repainting job is no surprise a costly practice. Yet, we can be as productive as we are by doing it by ourselves, especially amidst this COVID-19 pandemic where the “STAY HOME” policy is highly advised.

Of course with the help of our family members, it will become a perfect family bonding moment, it sure is a fun idea and could eventually develop our creativity and art skills.  And it’s a budget-friendly method.

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Do-It-Yourself Home Repainting

Several significant parts of our house that need to be repainted like the exterior walling, ceiling or canopy, parquet flooring, and the interior built-in cabinets, etc.

Though it is as simple as it is, there are few important repainting steps to follow to be able to execute it successfully.

image - Do-It-Yourself Home Repainting
Do-It-Yourself Home Repainting

Here are some useful and simple steps to follow:

  1. Clean the Dirt and Dust from the Surface

For exterior wall: Using a pressure washer, carefully remove all the existing dirt and dust build-ups from the surface. From the top down to the bottom, do it in a smooth and controlled manner.

For ceiling or canopy: The excellent way of doing it is by using a telescopic ladder, easy and safe to use. Set the ladder in its proper position easy enough to reach the top part and remove the dirt and dust using a wipe-clean rug.

The same procedure is applicable in cleaning interior built-in cabinets and wooden flooring.

  1. Partially Repair the Damaged Surface

Mark all the damage or broken surface. Apply epoxy fillers to cracked areas or holes. Once dry, use sandpaper or sander to flatten the affected surface.

  1. Do Something for the Door, Windows, and Light Safeguards

It is important to completely cover and secure doors, windows, and lights using a painter’s tape and plastic sheets to protect them from possible excess paints.

image - Do Something for the Door, Windows, and Light Safeguards

  1. Start Painting and Enjoy the Process

Using Primer is the first step. Several engineers explained, “That goes over old paint, locks everything in place, and creates a good surface for the new paint to adhere to”.

Although, in most repainting cases, Primer is not necessary when a fresh coat of existing color is being used. Apply prime only to repaired areas. You can decide whether you need a primer or not.

Paint the house with the desired color of your choice. It is your choice whether you will stick to its original color or repaint it with a new one.

Using a ladder (for walls and ceilings), begin from the top, and finish it down to the bottom with the use of a paintbrush or paint roller. Let it dry and if necessary, do a second coating before coming up with the final touch.

Take away tip: Weather conditions play a valuable factor before considering repainting the house. It is highly recommended to do it during the summer or evenly fair condition in order to come up with the best results.

image - Start Painting and Enjoy the Process

The Bottom Line

DIY home repainting is the best way to enrich creativity, exercise our artistic ability, and improve our personality.

It is a good form of family bonding, particularly during this COVID-19 “STAY-HOME” policy. Aside from that, it is a good physical conditioning activity.

A fresh coat of paint in our house provides the best ambiance and relaxing environment, nice to look at, and gives us a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

To some businessmen or realtors, repainting the house plays a vital role in the industry in a way that increases the home value which means the price becomes higher than usual.

Now that you know the simple and manageable methods of repainting your own house, you can start collaborating ideas with your family members, gather and complete the necessary painting materials and supplies, and begin the process right away.

You no longer need to pay several dollars to a paint contractor to do the job. I’m confident enough that by following these simple steps and with the help of your kins you can be able to complete the work correctly.

As a result thereof, after completing the work, there’s a sense of fulfillment and happy feelings upon watching the outcome of your work. And it is healthy.

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