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5 Outdated Bathroom Fixtures That Paint Will Fix

Bathrooms are perhaps the most susceptible rooms to wear and tear compared to all other residential homerooms.

This is because of the likelihood of damage by water from running taps and steam from the showers which are bound to corrode the furnishing, as well as stain the sinks, cisterns, and tabs.

image - 5 Outdated Bathroom Fixtures That Paint Will Fix
5 Outdated Bathroom Fixtures That Paint Will Fix

Lucky for you, remodeling is as simple as calling a painting professional, who will fix all your bathroom’s fixture with a can, brush and a whole lot of creativity.

What you thought you needed to save a whole chunk of your monthly salary to fix could end up costing way less than you could ever dream of.

With proficient painting services, the sinks, cabinets, and even walls will look as good as new without any need for buying new ones. Here are 5 key bathroom items that can be fixed through painting:

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  1. Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets give the bathroom a warm and natural charm. They are stylish and authentic. Unfortunately, over time, the wood tone or paint color of your vanity can become outdated. Age and wear and tear could also ruin even the best of vanities.

With painting, however, your vanity cabinets are a few steps from looking as they did when they were first installed, without any need to rip them apart and replace them.

A simple coat of stain or paint will do the trick and even add to the life of old furniture. Staining normally applies translucent finishings, where you can observe the grains of the wood, in essence, it brings out the natural wood flavor.

On the other hand painting, involves gives you an array of color options. The good thing with painting is that it could give your bathroom a whole new theme.

Nowadays, the painting industry has a myriad of warm unique colors for paints which are perfect for anyone and everyone.

There’s no longer a need to persevere through worn-out storage spaces. Store your perfumes, toothbrushes, makeup, and all your available items in a spectacular cabinet in a jiffy.

  1. Bathtub, Tile, or Sink

Water too has irrevocable damages to the bath tabs, tiles, and sinks, especially if it has a hardness quality. Scum could stain these to the extent that every time you shower or get into the bathroom, you feel nauseated.

Furthermore, stained sinks and bathtubs can be embarrassing especially when you have guests, who would probably associate the stains with unhygienic standards.

To avoid either scenario, hire a professional for bathtub refinishing, tile reglazing, and sink resurfacing services. This will leave your fixtures spotless and sparkling for a long while. A reglazed tub could last up to ten years when properly taken care of.

Have a good night’s sleep by contacting a refinishing expert, and say goodbye to all bathtub nightmares.

You could choose an exquisite contemporary theme and for tile finishing, the use of fast-drying acrylic resins that bond tightly with the tile surfaces are used so no worries about paint chipping off.

Save money by getting a bathroom remodeling until you can do whatever you want with your money, no need to go bankrupt, or downsize just to change your worn out bathroom accessories.

Besides this, rejuvenating the bathroom saves the environment a great deal of trash by recycling.

After all, why get rid of a tub or sink that is in good shape? get a new bathtub sink and tiles in as short a period as 72 hrs.

  1. Shelving

Bathroom shelving is also prone to paint chip-off and surface damage by wear and tear, or simply discoloration over time. You can transform old shelves to supplement the beauty of your home.

In fact, if you have old shelves lying away in your garage, they could be resurfaced and painted, after which you can use them as additional storage areas for your bathroom.

Many DIYers on the internet have directions on how to redo most of the bathroom accessories. However, when looking for expertise, you should hire a professional, more so if you want to retain the value of your home.

Sometimes diving in headfirst into DIYs can be detrimental to the quality of furniture, primarily because you may not be aware of subtle things like the difference between particle board and solid wood, both of which call for different revamping techniques.

To upgrade the decor of the bathroom using paint, stain, and even add decorations with stencils and decor, hire experts. With professionals, you get a whole lot of options, cleaning included.

  1. Doors & Trim

Indeed, refurbishing your bathroom is about everything, and though you’re just procuring painting services, they are ideal to give a whole makeover, doors and trims included.

Changing the theme to a mint-green color or grayscale theme, for example, then leaving the door old and worn out could take away a room’s glamour. When refurbishing, therefore, do a thorough wholesome job.

Dull doors and trims can be renewed simply by removing old paint spots which are scrubbed with alcohol, cleaned with grease and grime, which yields a clean contaminant-free surface that can be finished smoothly with the new paint.

From here you can apply a fresh coat of finish that is easy to dry. Recoating again at times also improves the quality of output by providing extra protection.

With a professional, all these and more are properly followed to give you a smooth drip-free finish that looks as good, if not better than the original paint job!

  1. Walls & Ceilings

As previously mentioned, painting is simply miraculous in bathroom turnovers. It is a painless and relatively cheap option, compared to the thought of completely redoing your ceiling and furnishing.

When it comes to walls and ceilings, there are countless color pallets and combinations to go for in order to get a classy warm, or cool look.

Depending on the color of your furniture, choose a color scheme that complements and meshes the whole bathroom together.

When dealing with experts, they actually have applications and other tools on their websites that allow you to upload your bathroom space and explore different color options!


Instead of saving for months if not years to have a new bathroom, transform your bathroom quickly and affordably using paint.

Whether it’s for a bathtub repair, door update, or wall color change, paint can give you the ultimate bathroom transformation for style and comfort.

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