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Top 5 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Ideas in 2020

Every year, homeowners spend around $7,000 on home improvements.

Is the outside of your house looking a little run down? In this article, we’ll look at some of the best exterior house paint ideas.

image - Top 5 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Ideas in 2020
Top 5 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Ideas in 2020

These are the most popular colors that you may choose to decorate your home with! Choosing something personal yet chic is the best way to ensure your home keeps its value.

Keep reading to learn more.

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1. Consider a Naval Blue

Perhaps you don’t want to paint your entire house in this color, but it is a great color to use for trimmings and your front door.

If you do decide that naval blue is your perfect color, then make sure you hire a painting contractor who can ensure this paint is even!

2. Neutral Beige Is a Classic

If you have lots of wood and dark elements on the exterior of your house, then you may want to consider a neutral color.

Beige is a great choice for anyone who wants to draw attention to other elements of the house.

You may also choose to pair this color with a darker paint for your front door.

3. White Houses and White Picket Fences

If you’ve always dreamed of the classic American home, then it’s likely you’re imagining a white house with a white picket fence!

Choose to paint your window frames and front door a dark blue to really compliment the white.

Remember, if you choose white paint then you’re going to need to refresh it every year or two! It can quickly look weather-battered and dirty.

4. Olive Green Is Cool and Trendy

This is an interesting color to choose but one which will certainly make your house stand out on the street!

This color is likely to remind you of a forest, make sure you also have a beautiful garden to compliment the color.

Unfortunately, this color simply isn’t for everyone. So, if you find that you’re struggling to sell your house when you decide to move, you may need to paint it again.

5. Charcoal Concrete Is New and Interesting

Do you like dark colors more than boring beige? Then, you may choose to paint your home charcoal.

This is a bold choice and one which needs to be done well in order for it to look good. But, you will certainly draw attention to your stylish home.

Keep the exterior of your house minimalist to really show off what this color has to offer.

Which of These Exterior House Paint Ideas Do You Love?

Don’t paint your house until you find a color that you absolutely love! You’ll need to look at this paint a lot, so hiring someone who can make sure it looks good is essential.

When renovating your house, it’s important to consider the resale value. You don’t want to ruin your chance of ever selling your home! But, it should also feel like your house! There needs to be a careful balance.

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