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The Best Interior Design Advice to Make Your Home Look Like a Dream

Are you thinking about redesigning your home? Everyone’s living space gets boring from time to time so a redesign can be great for the eyes and your mental health as you feel refreshed and renewed, especially during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown.

image - The Best Interior Design Advice to Make Your Home Look Like a Dream
The Best Interior Design Advice to Make Your Home Look Like a Dream

But what designs should you go for? How do you make your house stand out?  Here is some great interior design advice to help you on your way.

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  1. Open Plan Design

There’s nothing that beats an open plan design. This can make you feel as if you have lots of space and are not confirmed in one specific area.

If you have a house with lots of smaller rooms and you have the budget for a large renovation you might want to consider knocking some of your rooms though to create a larger bigger room.

A larger open plan room with lots of different spaces contained within it also creates a more social atmosphere. The room can bring people together and feels more inviting.

Think about the different spaces of the room and how they can all work as one. Perhaps you want a kitchen and a living room-in-one. Think about how the kitchen, which needs to have surfaces that can be wiped clean, can transition into a living space.

  1. Interesting Artwork

Another great piece of interior decorator advice is to pick interesting artwork for your walls. Don’t leave your walls bare and grey and don’t pick obvious paintings either.

Pick interesting artists and pieces of work that can be a talking point for guests when they are allowed to visit your home in the future. In the present climate, they can make for great topics of conversation over Zoom and Skype if your friends, family, or colleagues happen to spot them in the background.

You can choose modern art – such as surreal paintings – or you could ask for artwork from friends that would be unique. If you are asked about it you would then have a story to tell whereas if you hung a classic painting you might not have that much to talk about.

Remember not to overload your room with too many pictures as this can give you a headache and make the room feel crowded. A couple of standout works are all that’s needed to make your room appear great.

  1. Outdoor and Indoor

If you live in a warmer state such as California or Flordia then you should take advantage of this by creating a space that is both outdoor and indoor.

This might sound like a contradiction in terms but in fact it creates a feeling of being outside when you are still inside. You can keep cool and in the shade whilst also at the same time enjoying the breeze of the outside and the fresh air.

One way to achieve this is through big patio doors that open out directly onto the garden as well as balconies on the second and third floors. You could even create a roundhouse eco-dome that surrounds an outdoor swimming pool.

The doors should be sliding or should be able to fold away neatly so that the indoor floor space and the outdoor space are as one when the doors are opened.

You can also go about making your indoor space seem more like a garden with plants inside so long as you keep them well hydrated and make sure they are positioned in the sunlight.

Combine this with some calming music and some fragrant floral scents and you could have a nice space that feels as if you’re outdoors with all the comforts of being indoors.

  1. Create a Unique Space

The best way to good interior design is to create a unique space that you enjoy. Don’t worry about the latest trends or what others on the internet tell you. Your home should reflect your personality.

A great contemporary interior designer will understand this and will help incorporate your ideas.

In creating a space you enjoy you could end up creating a unique and impressive interior that is more original than anything award-winning designers could come up with.

Don’t be afraid. Paint the room in bright colors if that’s what you like, experiment with feature walls, and try mixing and matching with different styles.

Ignore the advice that anyone tells you about certain styles not working and instead rely on your judgment and what you like.

Interior Design Advice: Follow Your Instincts

If you want great interior design advice then you should follow your instincts as well as those of other designers. Think about your own tastes and styles and what you like.

You could create a space that is both outdoors and indoors at the same time with wide patio doors and lots of plants. This is good if you live in a hot state like California but wouldn’t work if you lived in Maine or Vermont.

Be sure to place interesting artwork onto your walls to give you something to talk about with your guests. You could hang artwork from friends or pictures that you took rather than the usual cliched paintings such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Open-plan design is also something to consider. This can create a nice light space with multiple uses and can make your home feel like a home as opposed to a variety of smaller rooms that segregate their users.

if you are interested in reading more interior design advice be sure to check out the rest of our site for more.