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Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends for Inspiration

We all have our favourite room in the home, whether we take great pride in the kitchen because we like to cook, or the bathroom as it’s our place of calm and relaxation, or the lounge area for ultimate comfort.

It’s always been up to us as individuals to make our house a home, and it’s not only a reflection of the style we possess and the tastes we have, but it’s a reflection of our own personality and character too.

If you’re an ultimate interior design enthusiast, you’ll be keeping up to date with the latest trends, what’s hot, what’s not, and how you can enhance your interior to keep with the times.

Bathrooms, in particular, are extremely versatile and functional, coming in as the second most favourite room, after kitchens.

Whether you’re beginning to renovate a completely old bathroom into something extraordinary, or you’re looking for a new change, or just an update, we’ve rounded up the most popular bathroom interior designs to give you some inspiration.

Bathroom Tech

image - Bathroom Tech
Bathroom Tech

As we live in an ever-growing, modern world, our bathrooms have changed too. They’re not just for washing your hair anymore, or tasks that actually feel like more effort than they’re worth.

Many bathroom designs are featuring a spa room type design and feel, with the additional comfort of technology and accessories in order to create a soothing and hygienic atmosphere for all those who enter.

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  • Smart taps are another genius creation. Depending on your budget, you could go all out with high market taps that use facial recognition.

From this, it’ll analyse previous data regarding how you like your baths and adjust based on the data they’ve gathered. No need to mess around with manual taps when smart ones can adjust the temperature for you.

  • Whirlpools with mood effect lighting are one trend we can get on board with. It’s a very relaxing feature, and if you’re one to strive to for ultimate relaxation and peace, get online. Whirlpool baths essentially make gentle bubbles and help massage your body while you chill out.
  • Hand dryers in the home bathrooms have raised quite a few questions for homeowners when it comes to hygiene and sustainability.

Dryers feature state of the art hand drying technology and are nicer to the environment, rather than paper towels or the constant washing of towels. You can learn more about the hand drying trend here.

  • LED shower heads are another must. Unique showerheads add even more charisma and style to your bathroom, and if you’re one that loves jamming out to music while you bathe, built-in speakers are your new best friends.

Statement Wallpaper

image - Statement Wallpaper

Although wallpaper has come and gone out of fashion, it’s still popular when used as statement pieces. When used on a single wall, it creates a stylish effect and can add a bit of texture to a room.

  • Floral wall prints in particular, as well as patterns and geometric shapes, are in style for bathrooms if you’re looking to brighten up and light up this space in your home.
  • Note that bathrooms are one of the few places in the home where you can get away with distinct, bold and unique colours. Use a vivid wallpaper which would be considered over the top in other rooms, 9 times out of 10 the bathroom will work it!
  • Here are a few words of wisdom – don’t wallpaper directly behind a bath or sink, as it’ll ruin the effect and the condensation will have a negative impact

Industrial Accent Pieces

image - Industrial Accent Pieces
Industrial Accent Pieces

Exposed bath and shower plumbing has become quite the trend in the last year or so, so it was only right it jumped with us into 2020, as we think this is going to be a hot trend in many more homes.

Industrial is an interior style which features key elements such as exposed brickwork, weathered surfaces, exposed accessories and more.

  • Exposed pipework provides a raw and distinct style
  • Invite wood accessories or pieces into the bathroom. For example, wooden shelves or baskets
  • Copper, rose gold and nickel all help achieve a more industrial look and feel

Marble Tiles

image - Marble Tiles
Bathroom Design Trends for Inspiration – Marble Tiles

Marble is an exceptional material that offers a fabulous balance of modern, class and elegance. They are timeless and very aesthetically pleasing which is exactly what you want in a bathroom.

  • Large marble slabs or tiles to create a luxurious effect
  • You don’t have to compromise on style or colour with large marble tiles. They are perfect for creating a minimalist look
  • Go for white marble or coloured

Wood Finishes

Time to get rid of dark, moody rooms that negatively impact our moods. It’s all about light and colours that pop! Now, natural-looking wood is great for achieving a more natural, traditional look.

Stripped back and grained wood has been welcoming in 2019, but we believe it’s set to the popularity it deserves this year. Using wood also provides a sense of the outdoors, as you’re bringing in handcrafted woods.

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