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9 Bathroom Design Tactics to Stay More Organized

Cleaning might not be your idea of a good time, but once it’s done, there’s no better feeling!

Tackling your bedroom closet or organizing your entire living room can take several hours or even days. But when it comes to the bathroom, you should be able to get the whole job done in just an hour or two.

image - 9 Bathroom Design Tips to Help You Stay More Organized
9 Bathroom Design Tips to Help You Stay More Organized

If you’re ready to get your bathroom under control, check out these bathroom design tactics. They’ll help you stay more organized and make your life a lot easier!

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  1. Declutter Everything First

The fewer items you have, the easier they will be to organize. Before you start mounting new shelves or rearranging cabinets, spend a few minutes decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need.

Throw away empty shampoo bottles and expired medicine. Get rid of old makeup and anything else you haven’t used in the past few months. If it’s not absolutely necessary, now’s the time to let it go.

  1. Use Adhesive Cups and Crates

Crates with suction cups or adhesive backings are a great way to hold hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. If you have a medicine cabinet with a door, you can even hang a slim one on the inside to add a bit of storage space.

Hang them above the toilet, sink, or on the side of your mirror or medicine chest. This is a great way to keep frequently used items within easy reach.

  1. Turn the Back of the Door into a Storage System

If your bathroom is small, you’ll need to find creative storage solutions. The back of the door is an underused space that you can use to hold a variety of different things.

Over-the-door organizers with shelves or open pockets are perfect for holding soaps, bottles, and all sorts of slim items. They’re also ideal for storing cleaning supplies, hand towels, cosmetics, and shaving essentials.

  1. Add Storage for Towels

Towels are a must-have in any bathroom, and there are lots of different ways that you can store and display them.

Consider adding some floating shelves above your toilet. Add a rolling cart or a freestanding cabinet if you have extra room. If space is limited, lean a half-ladder up against a wall and drape clean towels over each rung.

You can also use hooks to hang fresh towels or wet ones that you intend to use again. Hang one or two on the back of the door to create even more storage space.

  1. Maximize Space Inside Your Cabinet

Does your sink have a cabinet underneath? If so, you can take advantage of that space by adding shelves underneath.

If your cabinet already has a shelf, consider attaching another one to create two levels of storage. You can also add stacking shelves to create added space for all sorts of items.

Rolling drawer trays are also helpful, as they make it much easier to reach items in the back of the cabinet.

  1. Add a Laundry Basket or Hamper

It’s important to have a place to stash dirty towels. To prevent wet towels from ending up all over the bathroom, add a laundry basket or hamper.

Woven baskets work great as hampers, too. They can be easily tucked beneath a pedestal sink or in an unused corner of the room.

  1. Add Clear Canisters or Containers

The bathroom is home to lots of little items, such as cotton balls, Q-Tips, makeup applicators, and hair accessories. With a set of glass or clear acrylic containers, you can organize all sorts of little things and make them easier to find when you need them.

Bathroom canisters and containers come in lots of colors and finishes with decorative details. Use them to decorate your bathroom shelves or conceal them by stacking them inside a cabinet or medicine chest.

  1. Organize Your Shower Essentials

Tubs and showers get a lot of use. By taking a few minutes to arrange items in those areas, you’ll make shower time more organized, efficient, and enjoyable.

Don’t let shampoo bottles and soaps fill the corners of your tub. Instead, get a shower caddy to hang over the showerhead.

If you live alone, all you need is a small one to hold your daily essentials, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and razors. Look for one with hooks at the bottom that you can use to hang sponges, bath mitts, or washcloths.

Do you live with family or roommates? If so, it’s best to designate a storage area for each person in the house. Look for adjustable corner shelving and give each person their own shelf to maximize efficiency and stay as organized as possible.

  1. Stack and Store Extra Toilet Tissue

Toilet tissue is a necessity, and you probably keep multiple rolls of it around. Find a spot in your bathroom where you can store spare rolls in a neat and tidy manner.

Wicker baskets are ideal for holding toilet paper, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. If you have a large bathroom, get a large basket that can hold eight or ten spare rolls at a time. If space is limited, get a small basket that holds just a few rolls and place it on the back of your toilet.

An over-the-toilet shelf is also a great place to store extra rolls of TP, as well as other essentials such as tissues and towels.

Organizing a bathroom is easy, if only for the fact that it’s one of the smaller rooms of the house. If you’re ready to get organized and give your bathroom a brand-new look, here’s what to do:

  • Declutter every cabinet and shelf
  • Maximize storage with over-the-door organizers, shelf risers, and adhesive crates
  • Add shelves or hooks to store towels
  • Get a laundry basket or hamper for dirty towels that need washing
  • Organize small items inside clear canisters or containers
  • Add a basket to hold extra rolls of toilet tissue
  • Wrangle up your tub essentials with a shower caddy or corner shelves

With a few inexpensive storage solutions, you can make your bathroom more functional and give it a fresh new look, too!

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Aaron Hunt is the Property Manager for The Urban, a student housing community near Ohio State University.

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