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A Simple Guide to Decorating Awkward Spaces in Your Home

Many homes have awkward spaces that people overlooked. Odd-shaped rooms, low or slanted ceilings, nooks, and crannies, or tight corners can be tricky spaces to decorate.

You want to make the most of all the space in your home. It just takes a little imagination to decorate an unusual space in your home.

A Simple Guide to Decorating Awkward Spaces in Your Home
A Simple Guide to Decorating Awkward Spaces in Your Home

A Simple Guide to Decorating Awkward Spaces in Your Home

If you have an area of your home you’re struggling to decorate, we have some tips for decorating awkward spaces.

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Potted Plants

A great way to decorate an odd space is with a large potted plant. A plant is a perfect touch to make a tight corner pop.

A statement plant softens the look of a room while defining a small space. Potted plants add texture and color to a room.

Be sure to take care of it and don’t overwater. Make sure there’s sunlight streaming in as well.

If there’s not enough light for a potted plant, go with an artificial one. Today’s artificial plants look real, and there are lots of choices.

Bookshelves or Cabinetry

Who doesn’t need extra storage space? If an odd space in your narrow house design is frustrating you, try adding some shelving. You can build them yourself or have someone build custom shelving to fit the space.

If you aren’t handy or can’t hire a handyman for the job, you can look online for a bookcase or shelves that will fit the space. This could be a good spot to store your books or some decorative items.

Console Table and Mirror

One trick for an odd space is to add a console table that’s the length of the space. Measure the space and look for a small table that fits. Add a mirror above the table.

Baskets underneath the table provide storage space, and mirrors make a small space appear larger. You can make that awkward space look chic while making the most of the space.

Add Seating

If you have an odd space that needs a new look, try adding some interesting seating. Add a couple of decorative chairs or even a small sectional to fill the space.

This is a great way to dress up an odd corner or an area under a staircase while adding additional seating.

Create a Reading Nook

One way to decorate a space that’s too small to be functional is to create a reading nook for yourself or for your children. Add a comfy chair, large pillows, a small table, and a lamp to make it cozy.

You can paint the space or decorate it with a kid-friendly theme. A reading nook is a great place to relax with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee.

Add a Water Feature

A beautiful way to fill an awkward space is by adding a water feature. An indoor waterfall is tranquil and relaxing.

Adding a few pretty potted plants around the base adds a tropical feel. A water feature draws the eye.

It continuously recycles the same water and requires little care or maintenance.

Accentuate with Color

An awkward nook or cranny can become a focal point with a pop of color. Consider using a bold color or interesting wallpaper in the space.

You can turn an awkward space into a fun and charming space with a coat of paint. Painting is an inexpensive way to refresh any room.

Consider using a bright yellow to brighten up a dull space. Or paint vertical stripes to make a room with a low ceiling appear taller.

Another idea is to paint an adjoining wall with a contrasting color to accentuate the space.

Create an Art Zone

If you love to paint or craft or have children who enjoy art, you can turn an awkward space into an art zone. Choose a table, some shelving, and lighting to fit the space.

Store all of your art, crafting, or sewing supplies in baskets or bins on the shelves. If it’s for the kids, consider painting one wall with chalkboard paint and let them draw on the wall with colored chalk.

Add a Display Table

If your odd space is in a living room or bedroom, consider adding a display table that fits the space. Choose a table that blends in with your other decor, or you can go with something unique.

Display a stack of books, framed photos, a vase of flowers, or whatever you like. Pottery, sculpture, and candles are good choices for table decor as well.

Enhance Your Diagonals

Many houses have sloped ceilings, and this can make decorating tricky. A diagonal space makes a great nook for reading or relaxing.

Consider adding some recessed lighting and a corner chair or pillows. You can paint the diagonal ceiling a bright color and even secure pictures to the ceiling to make it a focal point.

If you have a sloped ceiling in your bathroom, it’s a great spot for a claw or garden tub.

Create a Meditation Area

You can turn an awkward space into a meditation or relaxation area. Paint the walls a soothing green or blue, add a meditation mat, and hang some artwork in the space.

You can put a small table beside the mat with candles, flowers, essential oils, or insense. This could be your spot to get away from it all and take some time for yourself to relax after a long day of working or caring for your kids.

Add a Tall Ladder

An awkward spot may be the perfect place to prop a ladder. You use a ladder to dress up an awkward spot while adding storage space.

Painting a wooden ladder red or another bright color can add a pop of color to a room. And you can store blankets, scarves, magazines, or other items on the ladder rungs.

Decorating Awkward Spaces

There’s so much you can do to spruce up odd spots in your home or apartment. Decorating awkward spaces takes a little thought, but it can help you make the most of the space you have.

For more design ideas, be sure to check out our helpful style blogs.

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