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7 Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the very heart of the home and a personal hub. People make fast meals on their way to work. They invite friends over for Sunday brunch. They celebrate family anniversaries and make years and years of memories.

When it comes to any kitchen design, the goal is to make sure the kitchen is easy to use. Homeowners want spaces that have enough storage space and lots of room for anything they want to get done.

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Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen
7 Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

7 Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

There are lots of ways to maximize the use of all space in your kitchen.

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Add an Island

Islands are an excellent way to make use of all extra space in your kitchen. The island can serve many purposes at the same time. This is a good area to bring in additional drawers for lots of additional storage. The top of the island can serve as counter space. This is also a useful space to invite guests and place your seating.

If you don’t want to have a permanent island, consider an island that can be moved around. This makes it easy to use the island space as needed. When you have more people, keep it front and center. Otherwise, keep in storage in one corner or even in another room like the garage or basement.

Double Duty Items

Another way to maximize the amount of space is with items that do double duty. For example, you might want to look at a rice cooker if you do a lot of Asian style cooking. The same item can be used to cook other food items such as stews.

A metal colander can be used as both a steamer and a place to wash vegetables. The same is true of items you have in your home and use for other uses.

A bundt not only makes cakes. You can also use for other dishes. You can also use other tools in your house for varied kinds of different tasks. Bring out the mason jars and use them for items for storage like candy to add color in the room and make more convenient storage space.

Open it Up

If you have a small kitchen, you can literally open it up. Rethink the entire kitchen layout. Most kitchens have one of several layouts. The u shape or l shape is a standard that makes a lot of use of wall space.

If you have a kitchen such as gallery kitchen with narrow walls, see if you can find additional space in part of the rooms leading to the kitchen, find out if you can use that space. Adding extra space can help make the kitchen more functional and easier to use all year long.

Roll Out Trays

Roll out storage is another way to get the best use of all the spaces in your kitchens. Roll out trays can be installed in more than one cabinet. Make sure they’re not banging into other parts of the kitchen before you begin. Trays can be lined with shelf paper for added color and pattern.

There are other ways to use additional forms of trays that have movement that make it easy to reach inside and get what you need in the cabinets. A lazy susan can be places in the corners. Keep small items here like spices within easy reach.

Stay Organized

An organized kitchen is a kitchen that is easy to use and makes use of every single inch. Staying organized is the best way to keep everything in the space easy to use and get things done fast.

Today’s modern kitchens have lots of gadgets that make it possible to organize just about everything. Keep organizers in the shelves to keep all items like spoons and forks in order.

A butcher block knife organizer makes it possible to keep knives sharp at all times. Make sure you know exactly what you have on hand and what you need to purchase. This way, you won’t have buy extras that you have to store in your kitchen that you might not be able to fit in that room. It will also help make sure that your food won’t spoil so you’ll always have fresh food on hand.

Use All Spaces

Maximizing the spaces in your kitchen means maximizing all areas. A good kitchen plan is that lets no space go to waste. There are lots of easy ways to take all spaces in the kitchen and use them efficiently.

You can do things like place lighting underneath the shelves so you can always see what you’re doing even late at night. Place additional storage options on the side of the cabinet doors. This is a good place to keep items that you use every single day such as plates and cutting boards.

Additional shelving can also be placed inside of the cabinets to create spaces to keep your cups and saucers. Overhead hangers can also be hung up on top of the ceiling to help store pots and pans when not in use.

Versatile Seating

Seating is one way to invite people to be part of the kitchen scene. Many people love inviting friends and family over for a dinner. They want to have a space where the guests can grab a glass of wine as they help make dinner. Versatile seating options make it possible for people to sit down.

Stacking chairs made of metal are easy to use and clean. They can be stacked on top of each other in one corner of the room when you’re not using them. For added comfort, you’ll want to add cushions on top in colors that match your overall color plan for the home. This will make the room more functional for your evening family dinners.

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