Kitchen renovation and remodels have become one of the hottest home improvement projects in 2021.

Construction contractors like Master Design Construction admit that the spike in the rate of kitchen remodels and home improvement projects may be linked to the lockdown.

Many people are now spending more time at home. With many jobs having transitioned to a work-from-home setting, more people are having to interact with their homes.

The dull-looking kitchen gets tiring and homeowners want something better for themselves.

Kitchen renovation is one of the best ways homeowners can personalize their space while adding value to their homes.

With newer renovation trends by the day, there are a lot of design ideas that homeowners can benefit from. Below, we go through the top kitchen renovation ideas for you.

image - 5 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas to Try in 2021

5 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas to Try in 2021

Try Dark Shades and Colors in Your Kitchen for a Change

Many kitchens have one thing in common, bright lights and white walls. Most people have their kitchen painted white to inspire cleanliness and proper hygiene.

White colors also create the illusion of space and reflect light. A great way to add character to your kitchen is to make a switch from bright colors to a darker shade or tone.

While this will certainly be a beautiful change to your kitchen, you may be skeptical about the idea.

It is best to speak to your kitchen renovation contractor for better insights. If you wish to try things out without investing too much, start with your cabinets.

Areas in your kitchen that can benefit from this addition include the countertops and backsplashes, your walls, and cabinets.

You can explore the wide range of advantages offered by black marbles, midnight green, earthy walnut, and deeper shades of blue.

Add a Dutch Color

The real estate market, coming out of the pandemic, has forced many homeowners to forgo their decision to sell.

Many more homeowners are staying put in their current homes but making it better. If you are one of those, your kitchen can benefit from a Dutch color.

Speak to your renovation contractor on the ways you can update your kitchen while keeping things affordable.

Many remodeling contractors are now working with old and vintage features while giving it the facelift that will transform the kitchen space. Explore the opportunities while keeping your budget on the affordable side.

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Give Your Backsplash the Attention it Deserves

If you had purchased the home with its current kitchen, surely you must have found some things wrong with it. Renovation is a great way to correct those areas while adding flair, functionality, and aesthetics to the kitchen space.

Focus on your backsplashes and make sure that they get the attention needed this time. If you have grown tired of the horizontal look, try out something different with help from your renovation contractor.

Surely, there are many ideas in their book. You’d be happy to see a more vertical backsplash and what it has to offer to your kitchen.

Open Shelving for Everyone

Homeowners are beginning to transition into a more artistic and showier kitchen design. In the past, closed shelving was the trend.

Today, more homeowners are gravitating towards open shelving, especially as it allows them to showcase their luxury kitchen wares.

Looking for a way to show off without making it obvious, choose the open shelving and watch your cookware add value to your space.

With open shelving, decluttering is also easier. You can better organize your belongings while being conscious of clutter and how it makes your kitchen look.

If you are looking for a way to permanently cut down on kitchen clutter, open shelving is the way to go.

Swap Out the Hardware but Keep Things Natural

Your renovation project isn’t complete without a fresh coat of paint. However, the fresh coat shouldn’t be the only new addition to your kitchen.

Swap out your hardware to match the new color of your kitchen. Your new hardware does not necessarily have to be the same color as the kitchen wall; however, it could be a shade darker or lighter.

Speak to your renovation contractor on how to combine the fresh lick of paint with the new hardware that you are swapping in.

While doing all of these, remember to keep things natural. A good way to add natural detail is to incorporate natural wood in your kitchen.

Natural wood can find a place in your cabinetry or kitchen island. Discuss the possibility with your remodeling contractor and enjoy the crisp outcome.