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Spice Up Your Space: 5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Modern Homeowner

Did you know the average kitchen remodeling costs between $12,567 to $34,962? Because this remodeling project will set you back thousands of dollars, it’s important you make the best of it.

image - Spice Up Your Space: 5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Modern Homeowner
Spice Up Your Space: 5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for the Modern Homeowner

If you’re looking for the latest kitchen renovation ideas, you came to the right place. Read on to get started.

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1. Update the Backsplash

In 2020, homeowners are taking advantage of updating their backsplash to give their kitchens a new look.

Updating the backsplash can give your kitchen a new look at a low price. Although many people think about updating the cabinets or getting new appliances, the backsplash often takes a back seat.

Due to the spill of food and hot oil, backsplashes receive a lot of abuse.  If you’re ready to get creative executing these kitchens remodel ideas, you can create a unique pattern using tiles.

2. Open Shelves

Although in previous years, people would frown at the idea of having open shelves, in 2020, homeowners are more open to new kitchen renovation tips.

If you have a smaller than average kitchen, you should consider open shelves instead or typical upper cabinets. Not only will shelves make the space look bigger, but it will also showcase your personal style.

The upper kitchen shelves should be at the same height as regular cabinets. For example, you will want the first shelf from the bottom 18 inches above the kitchen counter.

If you want more open shelves inspiration, check out Incredible Kitchens.

3. Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is in need of a little something extra, it’s time you add a kitchen island. Because they provide a focal point, kitchen islands have made a comeback in popularity in 2020.

Kitchen islands are so versatile because they come in many sizes and materials. If you decide to splurge on a kitchen island, you can choose between granite, marble, and even quartz.

Those with smaller kitchens should focus on leaving 36 to 48 inches of space all around for easier walkability.

4. Top of the Line Appliances

Not only can the right appliances be aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve an important purpose. When you want to remodel your kitchen, you need to think about functionality.

When you look at beautiful appliances, ask yourself if its functionality serves your purposes. Appliances are big investments, which is why you need to pick the ones that serve purpose and style.

5. Mix up the Lighting

In 2020, more and more people are focusing on lighting for their kitchen renovations. To give your kitchen a facelift, it’s time to mix and match your lighting.

Try to play around with the lighting and choose ambient lighting, task lighting, and an accent piece over the kitchen island. You also have the option of choosing energy-efficient lightbulbs.

Time to Put Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Place

Now that you know about these kitchen renovation ideas, it’s time to start renovating. Remember, in 2020, people choose open shelves, sprucing up the backsplashes, adding a kitchen island, and upgrading the lighting.

If you enjoyed these design tips and would like to learn more, check out the rest of our blog.

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