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8 Ways to Use Candles to Enhance Your Home’s Interior Design

Decorating With Candles — Your home’s interior design should serve a higher purpose than simply making your abode appealing and beautiful. It should enhance comfort, the mood, and overall experience of staying inside the home and in the different rooms. To achieve this, the interior design should address more than just one sense; it should cover visual, olfactory or smell, and tactile senses.

Decorating Your Home With Candles

Decorating Your Home With Candles

There aren’t that many interior decorating items or accessories that can stimulate all three senses but there is one that can do this: candles. Scented, handmade artisanal candles can easily catch anyone’s eye and enhance the beauty of your home.

Candles can also come in different fragrances and as such, will help make any room smell better and enhance the ambiance. Lastly, the best handmade candles can also appeal to the touch and can add texture to your home’s interior design.

Decorating Your Home With Candles

You can use handmade candles to improve your home’s interior design by following these decorating tips and techniques:

1. Use Candles as Centerpieces

If you think your coffee and dining table, kitchen and living room mantelpieces, and cabinets look bare, place some large jar candles or several small ones on these fixtures. Making beautiful candles your centerpieces will make any table, mantelpieces, and fixtures stand out.

When lit, they’ll introduce sweet fragrances in your home that will help you feel more relaxed. Handmade stunning candles will also give the table or mantel some height and more color.

2. Transform Small-sized Candles Into Accent Pieces

For huge, spacious rooms, you can ensure each area or corner is well-lit and bright by placing small-sized candles, such as tea lights in holders to cast some brightness onto these spaces.

You can place these tea lights in alcoves, on ledges, or hang them in the corner farthest from the window and natural light. They work great as accent pieces and these small details can make a big difference to your interior design style.

3. Design Candle Cluster Corners in Your Home

If you collect candles, you can let out your artistic side by creating candle cluster corners in your home.  Choose a plain or bare spot in your home and arrange your candles however way you want.

Be creative in arranging the different sizes and designs of candles you have. And when you light them, each candle cluster will effortlessly become another attractive feature piece in your home.

4. Place Candles on Working Desks

If you have a home office, you can make this room more appealing and interesting by putting some candles on your desk. You can arrange some candles on an elegant tray and put this on the side of your workstation. You can also place a few candles on your desk for an extra pop of design and color.

With a gorgeous home office space, you’ll want to spend more time in this room and be inspired to get more work done.

5. Use Candles to Decorate Your Reading Nook and Bookshelves

If you have a personal library or a reading nook, place some large jar scented candles in various spots to add a certain charm to this room. You’ll feel more relaxed and be able to concentrate better on reading a new book or rereading your favorite one.

You can also make your bookshelves look more interesting by adding some handmade candles. You can group them together and place them on bare shelves or spaces. If you have large candles, you can use them as bookends.

If you want to add a pop of color to your bookshelves, choose candles with bright hues. In case you want to maintain an air of formality in your reading nook, pick candles in the same color family as the books you have. You can also go with neutral colored candles since they will blend in well with any stack or color of books.

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6. Adorn Your Kitchen and Dining Room With Candles

Whether you’re eating with your family or having a dinner party with a number of guests, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen or dining room with candles. Candles can give the entire kitchen or dining area a warm glow. Even if they are not lit, they still make for lovely and charming décor.

Candles with fruity and citrusy fragrances such as Lava Moments’ Seaful are great for kitchens and dining areas since they can remind everyone that food is being cooked or served in these rooms. Candles with citrus scents can also help cut through unsavory smells in the kitchen and at the same time, introduce a refreshing and calming ambiance in the room.

7. Use Candles as Lighting and Fragrant Decors in the Bedroom

Candles with lily, jasmine, and orchid fragrances can help create a more relaxing, serene, and comfortable ambiance in the bedroom. But even if you don’t light them, they work great as décor pieces by simply placing two large candles or candle holders on opposite sides of your bed frame.

You can also place one or more lit candle in front of a mirror for added visual effects. With the reflected light, you will bathe the bedroom with a warm, glowing brightness.

8. Decorate Your Bathroom With Candles

You can also relax and unwind in your bathroom by using the right scented candles. Place some votive candles in holders to the edge of the bathtub to create your own personal zen space. You can also bask in the warm glow lighted candles by placing them around your tub and in front of the mirrors.

If you’re wondering which type of fragrant candles work best for bathrooms, choose ones with mild or light floral scents.

A Few Words on Candle Safety

One of the hazards that come with using candles as decors is that they may start a fire. As such, to avoid this risk, place all candles in ceramic or glass containers or jars, especially if you will light them, to prevent the accidental spread of flames which can cause a fire. Placing them in containers will also help you prevent the unsightly scattering of the melted wax.

Lastly, if you have small kids, make sure you place all candles (and lighting materials such as lighters or matches) beyond their reach so that they won’t play with these items and accidentally cause a fire.

  • 8 Ways to Use Candles to Enhance Your Home’s Interior Design


Your home’s interior design should serve a higher purpose than simply making your abode appealing and beautiful. You can use handmade candles to improve your home’s interior design by following these decorating tips and techniques

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