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4 Reasons Why You Should Tile Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be pricey, which is why buyers often look to see if a bathroom has been modernized before buying a home. Doing a bathroom renovation can add lots of value to our home and can also make your house much more welcoming to you.

4 Reasons Why You Should Tile Your Bathroom
4 Reasons Why You Should Tile Your Bathroom

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom to sell, or just to enjoy a more modern and luxurious bathroom for yourself, deciding what way that renovation is going to go is essential.

Tiling your bathroom is one way to give your bathroom a whole new feel, but some people shy away from tiling up the walls of their bathroom. They worry it won’t look right or that it will be hard to clean, but there are a lot more positives to tiling your bathroom than negatives.

4 Reasons Why You Should Tile Your Bathroom

In fact, here are four great reasons you definitely should tile your bathroom:

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It’s Stylish and Timeless

When you’re renovating a bathroom, you want to make sure you create something that will stay in style for years to come so that your bathroom reno isn’t out of date in just a few years.

Tiled bathrooms suggest luxury and prestige, which is why they are always in style. In the most expensive resorts and hotels, you will always see fully tiled bathrooms.

It’s Durable

Unlike drywall, tile doesn’t mold, dent, or split. It can take extremes of heat and cold and is unaffected by water or moisture.

This is why almost all bathroom floors are tiled, but why not take it all the way up the wall? If you don’t want to go to the ceiling, you can always create a tiled wainscotting effect by using glass subway tile to only go up to the backsplash of the sink.

It’s Easy to Clean

Back to that durability, tile is also very easy to maintain and keep clean. If you have children or pets, you know how hard it can be to prevent your walls from getting damaged or stained.

Over time, accidents happen or kids get curious with markers, and you’ll eventually need to repaint, but there’s no need for that with tile.

If you choose sealed glass tile, even things like markers or makeup will have a hard time adhering, since the material is not very porous.

Even tile grout is relatively easy to maintain. Regularly sealing your grout is beneficial, but if it becomes discolored over time anyway, you can “repaint it” with a grout paint pen–an easy and quick job!

They Don’t Retain Odors

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and it had an overall musty scent, even though it was clean? Drywall absorbs moisture and the odors contained in it, which can give a bathroom an unpleasant, funky odor.

Porcelain and glass tiles don’t retain odors since they are not porous enough to absorb odors in the first place. This makes them perfect for bathrooms or kitchens since these are the rooms in our house exposed to the most moisture and the most smells.

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