There comes a time where you might need to throw out your favorite but outdated wallpaper and trade it for a more on-trend design. Luckily, removing wallpaper just got a lot easier. Keeping in mind the following seven tips provided by New Haven painters, you’ll be ready to take down and replace your wallpaper like a pro.

image - 7 Tips to Remove Your Wallpaper in New Haven

7 Tips to Remove Your Wallpaper in New Haven

Protect Your Floors and Electrical Outlets

Before you start your project, it’s essential to protect your floors and electrical outlets. Your first step should be covering your flooring with a drop cloth. Then, cover any outlets you’ll be working around with plastic wrap or electrical tape. Doing so helps to protect your flooring and electrical outlets from damage.

Scrape Your Wallpaper

If you’re looking to remove your wallpaper in large sections, it’s essential to start with a utility knife or scraper and scrape out your wallpaper from its edges. Once you’re done, begin pulling off large backing pieces and removing them carefully from the wall surface.

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Score Your Wallpaper

To effectively remove wallpaper, hot water can be applied to the walls. However, some wallpapers, especially bathroom ones, are specifically designed to be waterproof, and thus, a scraping tool would come in handy. This tool will help pierce your wallpaper’s outer layer, allowing hot water to penetrate and loosen the adhesives used.

Mix Hot Water Solution

After scoring your wallpaper, it’s time to apply a hot water solution for easier removal. To make this, you will either need to mix fabric softener with hot water or vinegar with hot water in the ratio of 1:3. You can pick either of the two depending on which solution you think is best for your project.

As an alternative to this homemade solution, you can opt to purchase an adhesive remover from your local hardware store. Remember to wear your safety goggles before applying the solution to your walls.

Turn Off the Power to Your Electrical Outlet

Before applying or spraying your hot water solution to the wall, be sure to turn off the power to the electrical outlet you’re working around. This will prevent any safety hazards such as electrocution or even fires.

Apply the Solution and Scrape Off Your Wallpaper

After mixing the solution, apply it to your wall and wait for around 15 minutes. This period allows the solution to absorb into your wallpaper’s adhesive gradually. With this done, you then need to scrape off all of your wallpaper and clean up any excess liquid or paper left behind on the wall surface.

Remove the Remaining Adhesive

Once you’re done scraping off your wallpaper from the wall surface, you can then remove the remaining adhesive. To do this, apply the hot water solution to the area and scrape off the remaining parts. You can then use a wet rag to wipe your wall clean and leave it to dry before proceeding to the next step of your project.

Should You Remove Wallpaper — Or Paint Over It?

Painting over your old and outdated wallpaper can be tempting, especially since removing it is another long and tiresome process. Similarly, there have been stories about the horrors of wallpaper removal, including drywall and countless layers of wallpaper underneath the walls that tend to take more effort to remove than anticipated. However, home improvement experts suggest that wallpaper be removed before any painting projects for the best results. It would also help you avoid future problems such as water damage whose signs can be hidden by the previous layer of wallpaper.

For others, however, removing the wallpaper may not be an option since their walls may not be in good shape for a paint job without the paper. It all depends on you and the situation at hand. One thing’s for sure, though, whether you remove the wallpaper or decide to paint over it, it would be best to hire professional residential painters for the project. That way, you can be assured of a job well done.

Need Help Painting?

Interior remodeling works such as painting and wallpaper removal and installation can only guarantee maximum satisfaction when undertaken by licensed and experienced painters. If you desire the peace of mind that comes with having your work building walls catered to by commercial painters, be sure to reach out to New Haven painters.

They offer affordable, reliable painting services with long-lasting results. Visit their website for more info and give them a call for a free estimate of your painting project today.