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Decorating Ideas: 9 Things You Can Frame Besides Pictures

Hanging pictures and paintings is one of the simplest, easiest ways to liven up your plain walls. However, photographs and artworks aren’t the only things you can frame.

If you want something more unique or meaningful, you can frame a wide variety of objects. Get in touch with picture framers in your area and ask them to frame and mount these items to adorn your walls at home or in the office.

image - Decorating Ideas - 9 Things You Can Frame Besides Pictures
Decorating Ideas: 9 Things You Can Frame Besides Pictures – Credit: portfoliopictureframers.com.au

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Family Keepsakes

Do you have a family keepsake that’s been hidden in the back of your drawer or, worse, stashed in a box in the shed? Give these valuable memorabilia the care and attention they deserve by framing them and putting them on display.

Baby clothes, coin and stamp collections, letters and postcards, old film rolls—the list can go on and on. You aren’t limited to flat or soft objects, either.

Professional picture framers like Portfolio Picture Framers can also frame musical instruments, dinnerware, wedding bouquets, and more.

War and Sporting Memorabilia

Military families often have plenty of memorabilia that date back to multiple generations. These memorabilia include medals, pins, rank insignias, flags, even guns, and rifles.

Framing these items can help bring the memory of your loved ones alive. It’s also a great way to honour their bravery and sacrifice.

You can also frame a wide variety of sporting memorabilia, like your family members’ uniforms, medals, and ribbons. Sporting gear like gloves, balls, and bats are also perfect candidates for framing.

Sports fans will also appreciate framing memorabilia and collectors’ items such as autographed jerseys and equipment, as well as limited-edition products.

Magazine Covers and Newspaper Pages

Vintage magazine covers and newspaper pages can give a touch of timeless charm to any space. Hang these classic works of art using simple frames to let their contents stand out.

You can also frame your collection of magazines and newspaper clippings that feature your favourite singer, actor, or sporting icon.

If you’re a graphic artist, you may also want to frame the first magazine cover you designed. The possibilities are limitless!

Dust Jackets

While on the subject of publications, another great idea for framed objects is the dust covers or jackets of hardbound books.

It’s a great way to keep the cover in good condition, while you enjoy the book’s contents. Framing dust jackets is also a great way to maintain or even increase the value of first- or limited-edition book covers.

Your Children’s Artworks

You already probably tape your children’s doodles and school projects on your refrigerator. Why don’t you step it up a notch and frame these precious artworks instead?

The frames don’t even have to be expensive! You can display the frames anywhere you want, but a good place to start is your children’s bedrooms and transform it into their mini art gallery.

Who knows? Framing your children’s art might even stoke the passion for art in your budding Picassos and Rembrandts.


Hanging mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of a bigger room. Mirrors can also mimic windows and make any space look brighter.

For some extra pizzazz, don’t just hang mirrors as is. Frame them! You can buy second-hand mirrors in flea markets and discount shops, then bring them to picture framers to give the frame update.

You can also go directly to picture framers and have them cut and frame custom mirrors for you.


Do you love to travel? Do you and your significant other have a special destination such as where you first met? Get maps of these places that mean the most to you and have them framed.

They’re sure to be interesting and personal artworks that can spark conversation.

For a bit of a twist, you can also use astrological maps. Frame photos of constellations or even the night sky when you were born!

Pressed Leaves, Flowers, and Twigs

For a touch of rustic or country charm, why not frame botanical elements like dried or pressed leaves, flowers (or flower petals), and twigs? They’re great for rooms with earth-toned or even pastel colour schemes.

Earlier, we also mentioned framing wedding bouquets. This is one way of preserving memories of your beautiful wedding day! You can frame the entire bouquet if you want, or you just preserve a few petals and frame those.


Sometimes, picture frames are already interesting enough to display on their own. There are frames, for instance, that have intricate carvings or that are made from antique wood.

A collection of angular or uniquely shaped frames, meanwhile, can add architectural details to an otherwise plain wall.

When it comes to decorating your home or office, think out of the box. In this case, think out of the (picture) frame! You might just end up with something truly one-of-a-kind.