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8 Ways to Repurpose Old Sporting Equipment

If you check your basement or attic, one of the things you’ve probably kept in there for quite a long time now is your old and unused sports equipment.

Perhaps you had to pack them away because you’re unsure of what to do with them or you’ve simply outgrown doing sports and shifted interest into other things. And so, like many homeowners, you end up putting them all in a box to collect dust while in storage.

image - 8 Ways to Repurpose Old Sporting Equipment
8 Ways to Repurpose Old Sporting Equipment

But if you think about it, wouldn’t it be more wasteful if you let those high-quality sporting tools sit forgotten inside those boxes? Not to mention that most of them may still be in good condition.

One way you can successfully put those old sporting tools into good use is by upcycling them. Upcycling may also be the eco-friendliest option in repurposing your old sporting materials.

Throwing them away would simply add to the worsening waste pollution and already overflowing trash from landfills.

To save your attic some space and give you some ideas, here are eight ways you can repurpose and upcycle your old sporting equipment.

1. Tennis Racket Mirrors and Chairs

Maybe you or your child used to be fond of playing tennis ball and now you have plenty of old or damaged tennis rackets left sleeping in your attic boxes. Instead of throwing those broken tennis rackets, repurpose them by turning them into wall mirrors. This will add a vintage vibe to your rustic-themed home.

Another way you can repurpose your tennis rackets is by turning them into chairs. You only need to place those old rackets at the back of your kids’ wooden chairs, and you’re done. Now they’ll have some cool racket chairs they can use during playtime.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to do-it-yourself (DIY) your tennis rackets or just have plenty of rackets left, you can avail of Easy Donation Pick Up or other donations pick up services to collect your old sporting goods.

Just make sure to clean and pack them in a box first, then they’ll pick up your donation box and deliver it to charity on your behalf. Not only have you decluttered your home, but you’re also able to help other people, and especially kids, who can’t afford to get themselves their own sporting equipment.

2. Hockey Stick Coat Rack

Perhaps at one point in your life, you’ve stared at your hockey stick and thought of using them for other purposes someday when you or your child can’t anymore play the sport. The thing is, you can.

Gather those hockey sticks together, turn them upside down, and utilize the bottom part as a coat rack. You can display it in your front hallway and make your guests wonder about where you got it.

For broken hockey sticks, you may repurpose them into a chair. This may take a bit of craftmanship, so make sure to watch a video tutorial about it.

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3. Baseball Bat Nightstand

One thing that many homeowners are said to have as the family’s leftover sports obsession is baseball bats. If you have an old baseball bat, consider making them into a baseball bat nightstand.

This will make a perfect addition to upgrading your child’s bedroom and give you an excellent reason to get them out of the garage.

4. Basketball Bag

Do you still have those deflated basketballs lying somewhere around your home? Pick them up again and turn them into zippered basketball bags. Just make sure you watch a tutorial first to know how to cut and shape the basketball into a bag or purse. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available online.

5. Softball Planter

Meanwhile, if you have a deflated softball, repurpose it by turning it into a succulent planter. This could be your new favorite decorative plant inside your home, as it’ll remind you of your good old softball days.

image - Softball Planter

6. Golf Club Wall Rack

Another common leftover sports obsession you may have around the house is your golf clubs. This is true, especially if you or your partner is a golfer who can’t get enough of buying new clubs every chance they get.

You can reuse the head of your golf clubs by creating it into a wall rack. If you have plenty of wine bottles in the kitchen, you can also turn the golf club heads into an angled wine rack. This will help keep your wine bottles organized.

7. Bowling Balls for Your Garden’s Edging

If you have a garden, repurpose your old bowling balls by using them as garden design edging. They’re very easy to install, plus they’ll add a unique touch to your landscape.

8. Badminton Lights

If the entire household is into badminton, you probably have plenty of extra birdies somewhere. Gather those extra shuttlecocks you have and turn them into a DIY light garland. You only need a set of string lights and attach a shuttlecock on each small bulb to achieve your badminton lights.


Repurposing your old sports stuff brings plenty of benefits such as helping the others in need through donation, keeping your home clutter-free, and saving the planet by upcycling them.

Do you have a few sports materials hiding around the house? Let the above-mentioned tips help you upcycle your old sporting equipment and put them to better use. When it comes to upcycling your old sporting materials, the options are endless!