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How to Set Up your Home with Pastel Colours

If you are a greater lover of modern finish, art, and features, pastel colors can play a vital role in increasing the show of your home.

Considering the present times, people prefer a minimalistic design for the interior of the house.

Pastel colors range from magical mint to tanning rose and change the entire look of the house and provide a calm and soothing environment.

The lack of proper knowledge about interiors or not hiring an interior designer leads to many problems.

With the knowledge about the perfect design solutions, you will know which color is best suited for your interior.

With a complete guide on setting up and which colors to use in your home with pastel colors, we will help you make your home a paradise of tranquility with the right pastel color combination.

What are Pastel Colors?

image - How to Set Up your Home with Pastel Colours
How to Set Up your Home with Pastel Colours

Pastel colors now have increased demand and not just at any art or candy shops.

You would have heard several times about the term ‘pastel colors,’ and some people still think what exactly pastel color is? It is a color with a high worth and a low-medium capacity.

This definition of pastel colors gives us a huge quantity of colors to consider in this category.

Hence, pastel colors are limited to baby pink, light blue, mint green, or mauve.

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How to Use Pastel Colors in the Home?

Challenge occurs when one has to integrate the pastel colors palette in the home and the other accessories and furniture.

The simplest way to use pastel colors in your home is to decorate one wall of your room with pastel color and let the scene do the talking.

You can set the accessories and furniture in synchronization with the color of the walls and try to keep it in a minimalistic way, or it would take over the room’s entire appearance.

How to Use Pastel Colors in the Home?

It is preferable to choose a color that goes with the furniture of the specific room and gives a sense of subtle contrast.

Many of you may not have the idea to beautify the room look, but you can achieve the same with little tips.

Here are some tips to decorate different parts of your home as per your needs:

1. Pastel Accessories with White Walls

If you wish to color the walls of your room in subtle white, try to use a pastel color combination for the accessories.

You can also set up attractive furniture in your room and add a few cushions in pastel color to increase the show.

A sofa of pastel pink color would be enough to attract anyone, and cushions would add to it.

2. Give a Pastel Touch to the Kitchen

Are you worried about which pastel color to use in your kitchen and the dining place? An impressive way to redecorate your kitchen is by making it modular with the help of pastel color.

You can also use ceramics of pastel color in your home if your kitchen or dining area has wooden furniture and accessories.

If you talk about the trend, then the pastel shade of blue is trending in the kitchen.

Amp up the beauty of the kitchen and the dining area and call your guest to have a great housewarming party with friends and family.

3. Use Soft Furniture

Using soft furnishings in your home like cushions, with your furniture Layering a change the entire game for you.

Layering is very important, and it easily fits in any design. It resolves all the purposes in modern design, like layering your bed with cushions, your floor with a soft-hued rug.

4. Keeping Plants in Colorful Pots

In pastel homes, we need some elements to keep the mood fresh and calm. Hence, adding plants do the deed without adding on to the drama.

But you cannot let the plants kill the show of the room. So, paint the pots of the pants with pastel or any other soft hue color, and your work will be done.

Keeping Plants in Colorful Pots

Make sure you paint them with a color that syncs with other accessories in the room.

Such planters will also help if you want to keep the pastel vibe intact, especially if you have a balcony.

5. Add Artworks

If you do not want too many accessories and want a simple and minimalistic room, you need not worry.

Just add some artworks and paintings that suit the room’s aesthetics, and you are good to go.

A single huge art piece can change the entire look of the room and increase its aesthetic.

The pastel color room may look simple, but a statement art piece on the wall or on the corner table can make the room stand out.

Color Ideas for your Home

As said, pastel color has a huge range of colors, so choosing a color for your home would be challenging; so, here is a list of some of the colors which will provide a modern look to your home in a minimalistic way:

  1. Aqua Blue
  2. Purple
  3. Light Pink
  4. Bright Yellow
  5. Egg Blue
  6. Custom Blue
  7. Beach-inspired yellow and ocean blue
  8. Light yellow
  9. Peach
  10. Shade of Green

In western countries, you would find homes that have a mixture of pastel colors like red, yellow, and blue in the same room.

The stairs are in red, and the walls are in light blue. It is advisable to consult an interior designer before choosing the pastel color for your home.

The color expert and an interior designer will give you the best idea of which pastel color they should choose for the rooms.

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the ideas and tips you can consider while painting your home with pastel colors.

With these ideas and tips from the experts, you can decorate your home as per your requirement in a very minimalistic manner.

You can get a combination of modern looks. So, I hope you got an idea about pastel colors and how you can use them to increase the show of your beautiful home.

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