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7 Important Questions Posed to a Painter Before You Hire Them

As a householder, you probably have an exhaustive list of projects to undertake. This can result in ignoring some less conspicuous projects that surely require due consideration.

Refurbishing your interior design by giving it a new layer of paint is a typical example of an overlooked project yet absolutely crucial for home improvement. Indeed, whether you are updating your home’s appearance to fill your own inner longings or to increase its market value, a quality paint job will always be beneficial.

A simple can of paint can do magic; into the right hands, it can add a real touch of elegance and exude an aura of cheerful bonhomie to your home. In the wrong hands though, the interior of your home will be a mundane façade without an ounce of elegance and style.

Hiring a professional to paint your interior requires doing your homework and asking the right questions. Asking the following questions before you hire a painter is a clever way of avoiding some common mistakes which may cost a big deal if left unanswered:

image - 7 Important Questions Posed to a Painter Before You Hire Them
7 Important Questions Posed to a Painter Before You Hire Them

For this article, we have interviewed PainterAbillene as they have been on this business for more than 20 years.

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  1. Do You Have Business Insurance?

Dollars to donuts, everyone with a paintbrush can be a painter. Being an expert and a qualified painter, however, whistles a different tune. The latter usually have business insurance which protects you from possible property damage and the costs of errors during painting.

Also, depending on the scenario, insured painters are held responsible and could face fines and costs if they do sloppy work.

In other words, before hiring painters to do the job, ask them if they have General Liability insurance and whether their coverage applies to damaged inventory and/or incompetent work.

Most painting companies have warranties or guarantees for 1-3 years meaning that they are obligated to fix any damages caused by their paint job, such as blistering, peeling or flaking paint within this time period.

Therefore, in these situations, it is best to hire painters who offer longer warranties on their work. Moreover, before hiring the painter, you need to decide what their warranties cover and what they do not so as to know what problems can be fixed if any issues arise regarding their work on your property.

  1. Does Your Team Consist of Employees or Contractors?

The reason you might want to ask this question is that some companies hire subcontractors to do the job instead of their full-time crew.

Because the subcontractors do not necessarily have background checks by the employee, it can lead to many inefficient workers with little or no experience at all.

Of course, you don’t want to see workers who are still wet behind ears running around with no idea what they’re doing. Moreover, independent contractors do not have insurance provided by the company, and, as a result, General Liability insurance does not apply.

Keep this in mind and ask the company to provide you with the insurance sheets of all their employers hired to paint your home.

  1. Ask Them to Provide You With a Portfolio of Their Past Jobs

Checking the portfolio of their past jobs, especially their recent one helps you to determine the quality of their job and examine their strengths and weaknesses.

The best-case scenario would be to ask for a reference list of homeowners who had first-hand experience with this company and call them to obtain further details regarding their work.

In this way, you will get a better insight into not only the quality of their painting but also of other aspects such as punctuality, noise, cleaning process and others to name a few.

Keep these questions in mind and make sure you get all the answers before you sign the contract.

  1. How Will My Property Be Prepped and Protected?

The hiring of painters for your property comes along with a few issues which everyone attempts to avoid; lead dust and paint spills.

Usually, before the workers start painting, in order to protect it, the furniture is wrapped up or even moved out of the room which is being painted, whereas if there is a carpeted area, the carpet will be removed due to the risk of paint spills.

However, if there is no carpet then the floor will be covered with plastic sheets and on top of the sheets usually, a canvas drop cloth is laid because it endures longer and absorbs paint splatters easily.

  1. Do You Provide All of the Supplies?

Usually, it is your responsibility to provide the paint, whereas the rest of the supplies are provided by the painters who were hired to do the job. More specifically, the drop cloths, brushes, and rollers are handled by the painter.

In other scenarios, if the painter provides all of the supplies including the selected paint, then the cost of their services will be much higher.

However, there are cases where the contracted painters will only come for the job and you have to provide all of the supplies. Therefore, you need to clarify these issues with the painter you are going to hire.

  1. Will There be Any Punctuality Issues?

Punctuality is the trait that typifies professional workers and those who possess it can lead to a totally different ballgame.

Therefore, there needs to be a start date and a specific end date regarding the paint job which needs to be finished. However, everything is relative and the deadline can change due to various factors, such as weather for instance.

Nevertheless, painters, most of the time, provide the property owners with an estimated end date which they usually abide by.

  1. Who do I contact if I Have a Question or a Problem?

After the workers have finished their job, most of the time they clean up the place so as not to leave a mess behind which would speak to their behavior and by extension their professional conduct and reputation.

However, the property owners sometimes have more inquiries they feel like addressing the painting company who delivered the paint job. Therefore, they need to know to whom these questions should be addressed and who is best equipped to answer them.

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