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How to Paint a House Like a Pro

A fresh coat of paint can instantly refresh the look of your home. Not only that, but a quality paint job is also the first line of defense against the elements.

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How to Paint a House Like a Pro

By following a few tips and tricks, you can paint the exterior of your home with a quality finish that boosts curb appeal and protects your siding. Here are 5 tips on how to paint a house right.

Choose Quality Paint

It’s important to choose quality paint instead of using lower-cost paint that doesn’t deliver a great result. With the improvements in paint technology, you can purchase affordable and quality paint that doesn’t fade or discolor.

Take care in choosing your paint because the paint you use will extend, or shorten, the life of your paint job.

Check out this article for more on how often you need to paint your home.

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Plan Ahead

When painting a house, it’s best to check the weather and make sure you’re tackling this big task in painting-friendly weather. Nothing is worse than starting an exterior paint job only to have the rain ruin what you’ve accomplished and delayed your work.

The ideal weather for painting your home is dry with low humidity.

Protect the Landscape

Painting a house is messy and the last thing you want to see is to paint splatters all over your beautiful landscaping. More importantly, the chemicals in your paint can harm the foliage below the area you are painting.

Before getting started, make sure to cover the ground and all of your vegetation with fabric drop cloths.

Prepare the Surface

There are a few steps you must take to prepare the surface before you paint a house:

  • Pressure wash to clean the surface
  • Scrape and sand to smooth the surface
  • Patch and replace any rotted wood or components
  • Prime the surface with a quality primer and sand to smooth – This step doesn’t apply if you’re using a paint and primer in one
  • Fill and seal all dents and cracks with caulking

By properly preparing the surface, you’ll ensure that you paint your house right.

Painting Tips and Techniques for a Quality Finish

All of your hard work preparings will be for nothing if you are using ineffective painting techniques. The following tips and techniques will help you achieve a smooth finish that is full-coverage:

  • Use high-quality painting tools (a brush and rollers are recommended for DIY’ers)
  • Paint from top to bottom to control streaks
  • Apply 2 top coats for full coverage
  • Remember to cut in at the corners

An effective brush technique for DIY’ers is to:

Load 2″ of the brush with paint and slap the sides of the can to remove excess paint. Apply the paint in 2-3 back-and-forth strokes. Reload and repeat for a few square feet and then smooth the paint without reloading the brush.

An effective roller technique for DIY’ers is to:

Load the roller until it is saturated, with no excess paint dripping off. Apply the paint with the roller for a few square feet. Back brush the paint with a brush to smooth the area.

How to Paint a House Right: The Bottom Line

By following these tips on how to paint a house right you ensure a smooth, quality and long-lasting finish.

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