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Reasons to Paint Your Home Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home might seem irrelevant and an unimportant aspect of home development and hence negligible to many homeowners.

Some people do it to increase their aesthetic appeal and others because colors represent someone’s personality. But painting the exterior of your home is far more than just aestheticism or artistic expression.

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Reasons to Paint Your Home Exterior

When going over the possibilities, a fresh can of paint applied to your exterior saves you money in the first place and has both aesthetic and functional benefits. Despite merely changing the color of the home, many homeowners don’t understand the practical advantages that exterior painting brings into play.

Giving your home an extra layer of paint is an easy and awesome way of transforming your home in a split second. Below you will find some of these advantages:

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  1. Improving Home’s Aesthetics

Have you ever been driving on the road and suddenly a particular house with an eye-soothing shade attracts your attention? That’s the power of a house that has been given a fresh and attractive look.

Most people pay great attention to renovating and designing the indoor space because it makes them feel comfortable and creates a feeling of accomplishment.

However, according to various constructional experts who work with interior and exterior designs, it is the exterior design that should be prioritized because it improves the aesthetics of your property and the overall appearance of your neighborhood.

Therefore, every once in a while, a paint job is required, but dull colors should be avoided since they give your property a very depressed look. As such, the best advice you could take from someone who understands the dynamics of exterior painting is to always opt for vibrant and lively colors.

  1. Increasing Home’s Value

Aesthetics is one thing, but what if you are interested in selling your property or simply offering it for rent? Your home’s value should meet the required standards as people want to purchase or pay a monthly fee for a property that suits their needs and looks astonishing from the outside.

Considering that, a national survey conducted by Painter Moncton found out that 40% of Americans who were polled preferred the home’s exterior painting to be fresh and simple as their most preferred color was white.

However, this doesn’t mean that white is the ultimate color with which the exterior part should be painted. It simply means that people do not like experimenting with colors when it comes to their real estate.

Nevertheless, investing in the exterior renovation is never a bad idea because if you pick the adequate colors which are mostly searched for and preferred then just sit back and wait on the numerous offers you will receive since investing in something beautiful and attractive is always something worthy of doing.

  1. Protection From Inclement Weather

Recent studies conducted by Harvard University and construction practitioners have emphasized the usefulness of painting the exterior and the benefits it brings vis-à-vis home upkeep. This array of research has found that homeowners whose houses were unpainted have constantly made phone calls to construction companies.

Indeed, painting is one of the most effective strategies to keep your home in its suit of armor against “acts of God” such as snow, rain, pollution, and industrial dirt, frost, direct hot sun, storms, damp, mildew, you name it.

The point at issue here is that nature can be harsh and is one of the main adversaries of the home exterior. But, an extra layer of paint acts as a protective, shield-like coating for your home. While its benefits are numerous, painting your home’s exterior walls minimizes pollution and dirt.

Moisture is more easily created if there are wall openings and if dampness enters them it leads to damp and rot. In other words, painting keeps your exterior walls in check and damp to a minimum.

  1. Protection From Insects

“When I laid down a coat of paint some of these bugs would wade into it and get stuck like mastodons in a tar pit” is just a sentence extracted from Fred Contrada’s narration “Paint and bugs don’t mix”.

Speaking of insects, they are primary destroyers of homes especially wood-based ones. Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, mite, formation of cobwebs deal great damage and a new layer of paint will do just fine to prevent insect infestation.

Professional painters know all these benefits and they choose the right paint for each surface. Choose the wrong painter and you might as well pour money down the drain. Choose the right painter and improve the value, durability, and stability of your home

  1. Practical Costs

Every renovation idea for your property is considered as a crucial aspect regarding its overall structure and maintenance and everything else mentioned above. However, it all comes down to the cost of the exterior renovation which in most of the cases is not that expensive.

Painting the exterior part of your property usually costs somewhere between $900 to $1100 and it also depends on various factors.

For instance, the aforementioned price is usually associated with a standard quality meaning that it could be the cheapest amount of money you pay for exterior design. However, that does not mean that the work which is done on the outer part is of low quality.

On the other hand, if you are interested in hiring a professional contractor and selecting unique paint for your property then it goes without saying that the cost would go ever higher.

Considering all of the things mentioned in this article, a budget-friendly investment that improves the value and the appeal of your house is not something to be dismissed out of hand.

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