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5 Reasons to Switch to Inverter Type Air Conditioners

When the air in your home starts becoming too hot and humid it’s natural for people to start feeling uncomfortable. Excessive humidity can cause damage to household goods, causing a book’s pages to curl and warp. Electronics in an unstable humid environment can also suffer irreparable damage.

image - 5 Reasons to Switch to Inverter Type Air Conditioners
5 Reasons to Switch to Inverter Type Air Conditioners

For years the solution has been to turn on the air conditioning in order to combat the high heat and humidity in your area. Maybe you haven’t given much thought to your air conditioning unit and what makes it run. Perhaps you just hope that it doesn’t cost too much money to keep your home cool.

When trying to find the right kind of air conditioning unit it’s possible you have never heard of an inverter type air conditioner but if you haven’t you need to learn more about this outstanding option in the air conditioning world. Here are 5 great reasons you should consider switching to an inverter type air conditioner.

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1. More Eco-Friendly

With an Earth that is reaching an actual climate crisis, many people are considering how they can make big and little changes to their lifestyle in order to be more eco-friendly. The motor of an inverter air conditioning unit has the capability to run at multiple speeds.

Non-inverted air conditioning units run at only one speed, which uses a lot of energy. Because the inverters have a thermometer that can adjust the running speed as needed to be more powerful if many degrees of cooling should be obtained or run on less energy to help maintain a constant temperature.

Using less energy over time makes the inverter air conditioning units more energy-efficient and using less energy is the more eco-friendly option when it comes to cooling your home. Some inverter air conditioners are also able to be hooked up to run on solar power making them even more eco-friendly than they already are.

2. Quieter Unit

The compressor on an inverter air conditioner is considerably quieter than a traditional air conditioner. This means you can keep your room cool without a loud interruption as your AC unit is running.  Because of the great cooling ability without the loud disruptive noises, an inverter air conditioning unit is the ideal choice for a home office.

Because the inverter doesn’t have to shut off and on continuously in order to maintain the temperature of a room, there will never be that startling noise of the unit getting going which can often be quite noisy.

Inverter air conditioners are also ideal for a situation where you live close by your neighbors. Since the loud rumbling of typical air conditioners can disturb not only the residents of the home that has the unit but also anyone who lives nearby, switching to the quieter inverter unit is a great choice when you want your home cooled while being extra neighborly.

3. Save Money

image - Air Conditioning unit

Because of the fact that an air conditioning unit with an inverter runs less frequently and can run at a slower rate to cool a room, using an inverter type air conditioning unit can save you money in the long run. Any time you can keep your energy use down your use of electricity will also be lowered.

Having a lower electricity bill can only benefit you, think of how saving money on your energy bill will give you more funds to spend however you can choose. Some utility companies also offer warranties when swapping out appliances for those that are more energy-efficient.

It may surprise you that the purchase of an inverter type air conditioner will initially be more expensive than a traditional air conditioner. Since you won’t need to replace your unit as frequently, using an inverter air conditioning unit is also more cost-effective in its overall purchase price when divided by the number of years you will be able to use it.

4. Longer Lifespan

The technology to run an inverter is more advanced. But there is an upside, these units tend to have a longer life span than traditional air conditioning units Because the speed of the compressor is more controlled, it is less likely to wear out quickly.

In the more traditional air condition units, there are a number of parts that can suffer from the constant running of a unit on especially high-temperature days which can cause these parts to need to be replaced on a more frequent basis.

No matter which type of air conditioning unit you have in your home it is important to replace the air filters periodically as recommended by the manufacturer. Keeping your air conditioning unit clean and well maintained is essential to effective cooling and your health as dust and mold can grow in a poorly cared for air conditioning unit.

Having your unit inspected and cleaned yearly by a professional is a great way to make sure your home will stay cool when you want it to and will be less likely to have any major issues. During an inspection, any potential problems should be identified giving you time to prepare to handle them however you choose.

5. Ability to Cool Quickly

When you are feeling hot and sticky in the heat of the summer you don’t want to wait around for the air conditioner to kick-in and get the temperature to a place of cooling comfort. The good news is that an inverter air conditioning works rapidly to change the temperature of a room and reduce the humidity.

Setting your thermostat to a lower temperature won’t speed up the cooling effect of an air conditioner and it won’t make a room cooler faster. In order to properly lower the air temp, the humidity needs to be filtered out and it will take time for any unit to accomplish this task. That said because an inverter air conditioning is designed to run at multiple speeds it works fast.

In the height of the summer heat, there may not be a real need to get your home cool faster since you will want to maintain a consistently cool indoor temperature. But at the beginning of the summer, as the heat begins creeping up you will certainly appreciate an inverter air conditioner helping to get your home feeling comfortable speedily.


image - Inverter Type Air Conditioners

Choosing an inverter air conditioner is a great idea when you want to have a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning option in your home. When you’re sitting comfortably at home with a unit that is running quietly, you will be thankful you opted for a great inverter air conditioner.

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