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6 Painting Shortcuts You Must Avoid

We all want the interior and exterior of our home looking nice and attractive. If it’s been a long time since you last got a paint job and your walls look dull and boring, it is time to get painting again. Painting takes a lot of time and effort, and you can even hire professional painters for this work.

Painting your house is hard, but it is not impossible. If you have some free time on your hand, you can choose to carry out the paint job yourself.

You will have to get all the required supplies and know-how to use them. Moreover, ask for help from friends and family as it will be very hard to do everything alone.

Let us know about some of the shortcuts you must avoid while painting your home.

image - 6 Painting Shortcuts You Must Avoid
6 Painting Shortcuts You Must Avoid

Never Start Painting Without Cleaning the Wall Surface

The paint will properly stick to the wall’s surface only when the wall is clear of dust, mould, dirt, and other impurities. The waste can attach to the paint and not allow it to apply properly.

The new paint is stuck to the dirt instead of the wall, and as a result, the wall will lose the new paint quickly.

When the paint falls off with the dirt, there will be a lot of holes and empty areas in the wall. As a result, you will have to do plenty of patchwork after painting.

Make sure you clean, scrub, or pressure wash the wall before painting, so it is clean and smooth enough to paint on.

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Do Not Paint Over Old Wall Paint

If the old paint on the walls is in good condition or is just a bit faded, then you can paint over it. However, if the old paint is curled, damaged, chipped, or coming off, you should avoid painting over it.

If you do paint over damaged paint, it will come off sooner or later and bring down the new paint alongside. It is better to remove an old damaged coat if you want to avoid its consequences later.

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Do Not Paint the Walls in a Single Coat

Most of the people today are busy with their professional life and have less time to do anything else. Many people want to save time while painting the walls and try to paint the entire surface with a single coating of the paint.

A single coat will only even out the wall surface, and this should be avoided.

Multiple coats of paint are recommended for the best results on your wall. Some people just put one thick coat of paint to avoid time and effort. Thick layers take a lot of time to dry and are prone to cracking soon.

Try to apply at least two coats of paint on the wall and let each coat dry properly before applying the next one for the best results.

Don’t Paint Without Sanding the Walls and Applying a Primer Coat

image - Don't Paint Without Sanding the Walls and Applying a Primer Coat

Sanding the wall before painting will remove any lumps, roller lint, crud, and bumps on the wall to give a smooth surface. You can use a sanding pole or simple sanding paper.

Handheld sandpaper will take longer, but the wall will be perfectly smooth to carry out the painting.

The primer is the opening layer applied to the wall that makes sure the upcoming coats of paint stick properly to the wall. It retains moisture and removes small blemishes on the wall.

You will use up excess paint if you apply the coats without using a primer prior to it. Make sure to choose a good-quality primer that is meant for the material of your wall surface.

Never Paint Directly From the Can and Mix the Paint Properly

image - Never Paint Directly From the Can and Mix the Paint Properly

Everyone is tempted to paint directly from the can, but it is the wrong thing to do. A can has a lot of paint, and you will have a big cleaning job if any of the paint spills.

Moreover, you can never load a paintbrush properly directly from the paint can. The best way is to transfer paint to a smaller can and use it from there.

When you transfer the required amount of pain to a small container, you will save a lot of paint and avoid spills. Also, strain and mix the paint to make sure it is free from dust, lumps, and other impurities.

Mixing properly will make the paint dry faster, and you will achieve a uniform colour throughout.

Never Paint Over the Wallpaper

It is not a good idea to paint over wallpaper because it will soak up paint and start peeling off and falling from different spots. This will increase your workload as you will have to deal with this along with the paint.

Whenever you plan on painting the walls, make sure you remove the wallpaper beforehand or seal it using a stain-blocker sealer.

You can even prepare the surface properly and remove dust, dirt, etc. and fill any gaps or holes in the walls so that the paint applies appropriately everywhere.


Painting can be an exciting task, but it is not as straightforward as some people think. You need to take care of a lot of things and make sure everything is going according to plan. In the above article, we read about some shortcuts you must avoid while painting.

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