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Having Silverfish Infestations: Here is What to Do

While silverfish are not large, they can pack a mighty punch. Not because they are inherently dangerous or damage-causing, but because they are creepy-looking crawlies. Nobody likes finding silverfish in their home or building.

When you come across silverfish in your space, you’ll notice they move in an interesting fashion. They have scales that allow them to squirm and wiggle across the floor. These scales allow them to move similarly to the way fish do, hence the name.

image - Having Silverfish Infestations Here is What to Do
Having Silverfish Infestations Here is What to Do

They are extremely fast, so catching one when you see it in the bathroom can be difficult. They love damp and humid areas, so you will likely find them in areas of your home that frequently have water, mist, or humid air.

The bathroom is extremely common. If you have discovered an infestation in your house, should you be worried about your health and potential damage?

The reassuring thing about silverfish? Unlike other pests and wildlife, they are not known to carry harmful diseases or illnesses.

However, that does not make them any less frightening for many people. With certain pests and wildlife infestations, homeowners will need to take care of the problem immediately and carefully keep their distance as some common home pests can be extremely dangerous to the health of those living in the home. This is not the case with silverfish.

What About Damage?

Silverfish are not high on the damage-causing list. They will certainly not harm your home anywhere near larger animals like raccoons and are much less harmful than small pests like moths.

So, while they do not inflict a significant amount of damage on a home or the items within it, they are still known to cause a little damage here and there.

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Enough that you will want to rid your space of them as fast as possible if the infestation is large. They can cause damage to clothes, books, and other fabrics around your home.

If you have not yet discovered an infestation in your home, but are wanting to get ahead of potential attacks, there are some habits you can put in place to prevent them from invading your space:

  • Use a dehumidifier in damp or humid spaces in the home
  • Make sure bathroom fans are high functioning
  • Make sure the perimeter around your home does not have a significant amount of damp leaves or debris
  • Keep food stored securely
  • Vacuum your home regularly
  • Put away clothing that is not in use in tightly sealed bins
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home to prevent them from entering
  • Do not leave piles of anything around your home

For more simple ways to control and prevent silverfish infestations, visit homepestcontrol.org to learn more.

Removal Methods

If you have already discovered an infestation around your home, do not fret. There are methods to help you remove them as well as prevent them.

There are chemicals you can use to kill silverfish infestations. If you are interested in using an insecticide or chemicals made to rid spaces of silverfish, Mighty Men Pest Control can guide you on what would best be used in your space.

If you are wanting to avoid using chemicals, there are some slightly more natural methods you can use to rid your space of these slippery creatures.

  • Diatomaceous earth is a common and natural method of pest removal. It is a natural method made from the tiny skeletal structures of microscopic aquatic creatures. It can be sprinkled around the areas of your space where the pests have been spotted. Focus on baseboards and corners. It is safe for pets.
  • Sticky traps can be useful and easy to clean up when the job is done
  • Some homeowners claim that sticking bread inside a jar that is covered in masking tape helps trap them. They will attempt to reach the food and will not be able to get out. This acts as a homemade sticky trap.

Silverfish are not dangerous and generally do not cause a significant amount of damage to a home. They may cause damage to clothes, books, or fabrics, but foundational parts of your home will not be affected as they can be by other pests.

However, they are not pleasant to discover around your home. They are fast, so it can feel overwhelming when you are trying to catch them or track down where the infestation is located.

The great thing is, once you know a general location and you have the method of removal that you want, you can easily take care of the problem. If you have children and pets, you can research the safest methods of removal for your household type and then begin the process.

Once you have implemented either a natural or chemical method of removal, the problem should solve itself rather quickly.

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