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Health And Safety – What’s The Point?

Implementing the relevant health and safety measures within the workplace shouldn’t be seen as a chore – although it could be viewed that way by many companies. However if they knew what could happen if they didn’t, they might actually put a little bit more effort in and take the time to ensure they meet all the associated legislation.

Health And Safety – What’s The Point?
Health And Safety – What’s The Point?
For starters, if an employee hurts themselves whilst undertaking a task at work – perhaps slipping on the floor whilst fixing some machinery – they could be within their rights to file a claim for compensation against you. If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect them, like utilizing anti-slip paint or providing them with shoes boasting a good grip, you may well have to pay up. This will not only hurt your bank account (legal fees don’t come cheap, not to mention the actual compensation!) but your reputation, too.
Consider what the reaction of your other staff members will be when they hear about this, too. Not only could they place increased pressure on you to protect them further, but some may even feel so at risk that they up and leave. What’s more, if the news leaks to the press somehow, your suppliers are bound to find out. Your clients could too, potentially damaging your future income as word spreads throughout the industry.
Plus, throughout all this palaver, you’ll be short a person – the worker injured. That means their 40+ hours working each week will disappear, just like that. You’ll have to employ someone to take over their workload, adding another dent to the bank balance.
The pros of adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Act far outweigh the cons, so why not take this opportunity to re-assess the safety of your workplace? You’ll be glad you did.

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