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5 Home Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money

If you own your own home, then you need to protect your investment. These five simple home maintenance tips will keep your home in tip-top condition, and save you money.

image - 5 Home Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money
5 Home Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money

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Re-Caulk Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are gateways to the outside world, but if they aren’t well-sealed, they will let in more of the outside world than you may see.

Poorly caulked windows and doors can let in cold from the outside, and let out your home’s heat too, costing you money. Sub-standard sealing on doors and windows can also allow water to damage your home’s construction and cause mold.

Re-caulking your windows and doors costs just a few dollars and takes just a few hours, yet it can save you thousands in heating bills and construction repairs.

Clean or Replace HVAC Filters

The filters on home Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems often get clogged or blocked by dust and debris over time. It is easy to overlook this problem, and never clean your air filters, but this can cause damage to the system over time, and reduce the air quality in your home.

Inefficient HVAC systems can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in excessive energy use. Cleaning or replacing the filters is quick to do and doesn’t cost much money, but it can save you money and protect one of your home’s most vital systems.

Clear Debris from Your Gutters and Roof

Your home’s gutters and roof collect debris over time, like leaves and branches and even children’s toys like balls and Nerf darts. If left unchecked, these can accumulate and cause flooding in areas of your roof, or around your gutters and downpipes.

The damage that water can cause to your home should not be underestimated and may cost thousands to repair. Good gutter maintenance is essential to protect your home and your investment in it. For an in-depth guide to roofs and roof maintenance, go here.

Flush and Drain Your Hot Water Heater

When something goes wrong with your water heater, it can be very expensive. If it happens at the wrong time of year, it can leave your home cold and damp at the worst time possible.

Regular hot water heater maintenance can prevent this, and extend the working life of the appliance. All hot water heaters have a draining faucet that allows you to clear out the water sitting in the tank and replace it with fresh water.

This flushes out sediments and mineral deposits that accumulate in the tank that can prevent it from working properly, and cause problems later on.

Review and Maintain Home Security and Smoke Alarms

Periodically, you should check all your home’s security systems and devices, and test any smoke alarms you have in your home. Check that the locks work and test your smoke alarms, replacing batteries if they need it.

Then move on to checking any home security cameras and alarms. It is a good opportunity to see if there are any ‘blind spots‘ in your camera coverage that you should address by installing an additional camera.

Hopefully, these simple five tips will save you money, and protect the investment you have made in your home. Some of them will also keep you and your family safe, and warm through the winter!