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6 Techniques to Remove Rust from Windows and Doors

When working on your backyard, garden, patio, or other outdoor metal fixtures, you learn to repair and replace rusted parts.

However, things are not that easy when it comes to the rust that accumulates around the metal doors and windows. These are long term investments in your home, and you must learn to maintain them so that the house itself does not lose its overall value and appeal.

Image - 6 Techniques to Remove Rust from Windows and Doors
6 Techniques to Remove Rust from Windows and Doors

The rate of rust occurs when there is excessive moisture in the air. Despite continuous efforts, homeowners usually fail to avoid corrosion and rusting. It is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot remove it.

Here are the top ways to do so.

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Get a Mild Cleaning Solution

The early signs of wear and damage are the first signs of rust beginning to accumulate. You must work to wipe these stains away before they become a real threat to your doors and windows.

Get a rag and choose a mild cleaning agent. A harsher one will get rid of the rust but may also damage the coating on the metal surface.

There is a method to apply the cleaning agent as well; you must gently apply a rag. When you notice the rust beginning to look brownish, you know it is working. Continue your effort. Once you are done, you should not stop there.

You must wipe off all areas with a dry piece of cloth. This is to ensure that the metal is no longer in contact with water and therefore is not susceptible to rust.

Apply Baking Soda

A great way to get rid of rust on small or even large household items is to use baking soda. Baking soda is present in a multitude of products.

So before you call for that garage door repair, all you need to do is mix a little bit of baking soda with water and apply it on the rusted surface, after letting sit for a little bit you can scrub it off.

If you are struggling with thick rust, you need to mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and turn it into a thick paste., you should gently put this paste on the surface that is damaged and leave it for around 20 minutes before wiping it away.

Remember there will be thick parts of rust still intact; these can be removed with something abrasive. You can then repeat this action two or three times, depending on how rusty it is.

Pour Coca Cola

Most people don’t know about the power of Coca-Cola. Your favorite beverage is about to get more points for the rust removing properties it holds. Since it is a carbonated drink, it is excellent for dissolving metal oxide.

All you have to do is spray some Coca Cola on the affected area and wait. Then rub it clean with a sponge so that it soaks all the liquid. Remember to clean your hands afterward.

The dissolved rust as part of the Coca Cola liquid you just wiped off, and if you do touch anything, you will end up leaving rust stains on it.

White Vinegar

Another neat way to save money and make use of household items to protect your metal furniture from rust is to use white vinegar. White vinegar has excellent antimicrobial qualities. It is well known as a natural cleaning product that removes lots of stains.

Add a pinch of salt to increase the intensity of your vinegar cleaning solution. This creates a more powerful cleaning solution for stubborn rust stains.

This great tip is not just for metal doors and window frames but can also be used on other metal surfaces all around the house as a safe and natural remedy.

Remember that after applying the solution, you must leave it for at least 10 minutes. Then, wipe it off with a piece of cloth.

Lemon and Salt

A lemon can be just as handy to get rid of rust. You need the salt not to dissolve or react with the rust but to be the abrasive layer helping the lemon juice that causes the chemical reaction, thanks to the citric acid in it.

You can directly apply a half-cut lemon, or you can take a bowl and squeeze out some fresh juice first. Use the squeezed juice and then apply it to areas separately one by one with a sponge.

Use a Potato

Who knew potatoes could have other uses apart from being eaten? Potatoes are rich in oxalic acid, which is used to dissolve rust. The procedure to apply this is quite simple.

Cut a sizable potato in half and then sprinkle some salt or drizzle some dish soap on the fleshy side of it and start rubbing it on the rust. This begins to weaken the layer; once it starts to come out with your hand motions of the potato, you can stop and just wipe off the rust with a rag.

This method is ideal if you need to remove rust in small areas of your metal doors and frames.

It is easier to detect the rust and then take measures to clean it. However, to truly take care of your metal furniture and fixtures, one must take steps to prevent rust in the first place. If you forget about it or leave it for too long, the rust begins to inflict significant damage.

Other more straightforward preventive measures include wiping off the water from the frames and doors after a rainfall. This can be quite tedious, especially during rainy seasons, but it protects from damage.

If you do detect rust, you must make sure you never have to deal with it again. Once the rust is cleaned off, you must paint the metal frames and coat them with a water repellent agent such as grease. Knowing how to properly clean metal surfaces is also an important part of the preventive process.

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