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Home remodeling vs. Renovation – similarities and differences

Remodel vs. Renovate. Do you think these two are the same things? If yes, then you are not alone because most people think that way.

It is a common misconception that both renovation and remodeling words can be used interchangeably.

image - Home remodeling vs. Renovation - similarities and differences
Home remodeling vs. Renovation – similarities and differences

The reality is the opposite because these are different words used to denote different things.

If you are someone related to the construction and architecture industry then you may know the difference between both terminologies.

Read this article to know about some major similarities and differences between home remodel and renovation.

If you want to remodel or renovate your home then understanding both terms is important, and there are many English construction companies offering renovations in London and other big cities all over the UK.

You just need to find the proper one to fit your needs.

Remodeling vs. Renovation

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is a term used when you have to build a house from scratch and create a new model.

When we suppose to build a new house, the remodeling term is used. In the remodeling process, you either build a home from scratch or change its complete structure.

When you want to completely transform the structure and model of your house, it is known as remodeling.

In other words, remodeling allows you to change the whole look and design of your house.

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Home Renovation

The term renovation is typically used for reviving and renewing something to make it look more up to date.

In the home renovation process, you make some changes to an existing home; for example, you are changing the ceiling designing, or creating new cabins at bedrooms are some examples of home renovation.

Changing the home interior, repairing the floor, or adding new equipment, all comes in the home renovation category.

Renovation can be done on a complete home, or you can just renovate one room.


  • Both remodeling and renovation include constructional work at home.
  • You will need architectural and interior designers.
  • The purpose of both remodeling and renovation is to make your home or a part of your home more updated and stylish.
  • You can outsource renovation and remodeling tasks to construction companies to manage the complete operations.


  • Remodeling would require more money and effort because it meant to change the complete structure; on the flip side, renovation may only be done at some particular parts of the home; the structure of the home remains the same, only designing and repairing done partially.
  • You may do the renovation yourself, but for remodeling, you must need professional help.
  • Renovation is meant to change the design, but in remodeling, sometimes designs and sometimes the whole structure of a house is required to be changed.

Final Words!

Now you may have an idea about the major differences and similarities between remodeling and renovation of a home.

It is better if you contact a reliable London renovation and remodeling company. Knowing both terms is important if you are thinking of changing the design or structure of your home.

By understanding the difference; you can better articulate your requirements to the residential renovation and remodeling service providers.