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Home Renovations Before Selling: 5 Updates That Can Increase Value

You may think your home is nice enough as is to sell, but if it hasn’t been updated in the last 25 years, it’s time to upgrade before you sell.

Styles and trends change during that time period, meaning you could lose out on a larger payout if you don’t do updates.

image - Home Renovations Before Selling: 5 Updates That Can Increase Value
Home Renovations Before Selling: 5 Updates That Can Increase Value

If you look around and notice it’s time to bring your home into the modern age, then keep reading and learn the five must-do home renovations before selling.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest ways to keep your home renovation budget low is by giving your home a fresh coat of paint.

You can do it yourself to save money, and it will clean up the house from years of living it in.

Giving a fresh coat of paint also gives you the chance to fill in any holes, nicks, or dents in the wall to make it look nicer for potential buyers.

This goes for both inside and outside to give you the best first impression possible.

2. Increase Curb Appeal

Before you have a showing, clean up any leaves, sticks, and weeds in your lawn. If you need to, put down a fresh batch of mulch, and mow the lawn.

The first thing a potential home buyer see’s is the outside of the home, so you want it to be a good first impression.

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3. Upgrade the Lights

Go around your home and switch out all of the lights with energy-efficient ones.

If you notice any dark spots in your home, install new light fixtures to brighten it up and make the rooms look larger.

This is one of the indoor and outdoor renovations that really make your home pop from the street.

This is especially important if they’re viewing the house on a dark or rainy day so they can see every aspect of the home.

4. Minimal Bathroom Updates

We’re not saying to go around and redo every bathroom in your home. All you need to do is upgrade the faucets if they’re old or moldy. Make sure the toilet flushes, and if it needs a new seat, update that.

Take a look at the caulking and consider cleaning it, or if it’s really back, recaulk it. Be sure to clean the tile grout as well to make the bathroom look new.

5. Clean or Replace Flooring

Before you go through and replace your carpets, give them a deep clean. Hire a professional to come through and give them a professional clean, and you’ll be surprised by how much better they look without spending a fortune.

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Prioritize These Home Renovations Before Selling Today!

Now that you know the five home renovations before selling, it’s time for you to get them done! Remember, the point of doing home renovations is to increase the value as much as possible without spending too much.

If you learned something new, don’t stop now! Keep reading the rest of our site for more informative content.

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