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Home Selling Tips You Must Consider

House selling is no easy feat. There is so much competition in the real estate business that you have to be smart to get the right price at the right time.

Your house is set up against other similar homes in the district as well. Like for example if there are houses for sale Wellington Point, the buyers will have so many choices.

They wouldn’t choose your house at priority if you don’t market it properly. So to shorten the period of selling your property and that too at a good price, you need to follow some successful strategies.

We have made this easier for you by compiling a guide on better home selling. This will not only make your home stand out amongst others but also enhance its marketability and attract buyers like a magnet!

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Home Selling Tips You Must Consider
  1. Choosing an Experienced Real Estate Agent

You will find many real estate agents lined up to sell your house because they receive a commission. But it is your task to hire the best one. The best one won’t be the one who flatters you and makes you daydream about a high price.

So before making the decision gauge the agent thoroughly. You can do this based on their selling tactics, previous reviews, negotiation capabilities, and acquaintance with the locality.

At least interview three specialists and comparing them before deciding on one. Tread cautiously here as this can be a deciding factor in your house sale. Question each agent comprehensively on their marketing plan so that you can judge their capabilities.

Enquire about market analyses to get an idea about their knowledge regarding neighborhood, so that you can compare. Do all this because the efficacy of the sale will majorly depend on these skills of the agent.

Your agent is the one who can provide you invaluable marketing advice so ensure that he/she is a genuine resource. Select someone with both the highest expertise and most experience. Be wise now or you will pay the price later!

  1. Decide on a Realistic Price

Remember both high and low prices can be harmful to you. You have to decide an optimal listing price or you will bear loss both way.

If the price is too low you will endure financial loss. If it is too high it will repel potential buyers as it makes competing houses look better.

So try to come with a price that is reasonable for both you and the customer. The best way to do say is by discussing it with your agent.

He/she will give you advice by comparing prices of other similar houses in your district. You can confirm this by visiting these home yourselves. You can also check newspaper listing or hire home appraising service for better analysis.

Don’t dictate the price rather set it according to the real worth of your house. Be honest and appraise your house accordingly.

Typically, it is okay to set price 5-10 % above the market as during negotiation it will end up coming close to your house’s true worth.

Another good tip is to, set a price below a whole number, for example, $197,900 instead of outright asking for $200000. This is an old selling tactic as it makes the price look cheap!

  1. Add Appeal to Your Home

Like in all aspects of life presentation matter a lot, it is vital in home selling as well. It leads to the creation of the first impression which lasts. It can be an empowering factor so make it count.

No matter how well your agent advertises your house, if it doesn’t appeal to the buyer physically all your efforts will go down the drain.

So by undertaking minor changes, you can influence your buyer’s decision. Remember from the porch to backyard and everything in between matters.

Ensure that the house looks clean, appealing, and spacious, in all aspects to dazzle the buyer. Your goal is to adorn your house so well that your buyer is tempted to sign the deal immediately.

These aesthetic improvements are simple and wouldn’t be too costly but they will bring about major changes. So here are some ways by which you can enhance the appeal of your home:

  • Spruce up the exterior as it matters a lot. It creates a good first impression. Do this by cleaning/painting windows, waxing / polishing outer doors, trimming hedges, mowing the lawn, adding flowers, spraying sidewalks, etc.
  • Dapper the interior as well by replacing faded wallpaper or repainting if it falls in the budget. Adorn the house with decorative items and dust everything including fans and lights. Vacuum the carpets if any and perfume them.
  • Bathrooms are integral so try to make them look refined. Polish faucets and apply caulking around the shower, basins, and bathtubs. Taps should be in working conditions and there should be no leakage.
  • Even though the furniture and accessories are not sold with the house but make it look prim as well. Their condition will reflect your dedication to the house.
  • The smell of the house should be enticing as well. Moldy and stinky odors can shoo potential buyers. So use air fresheners to freshen up damp and stuffy areas or pet zones. Place scented candles or fragrant flowers around the house.
  • Lighting is a very strong point as it can make or break the appearance. So ensure all the lights are working and they pleasingly present the house. There should be no damaged or frayed wiring and all electrical systems should operate properly.
  • Deep clean your house and make it sparkle. If you need help, hire a professional as hygiene is a major selling point.
  • Carry out only those repairs which are necessary and will pay off. Don’t spend more than you can reap. At least carry out basic maintenance like patching holes, mending leaking faucet, etc. These are the improvements that prospective buyers normally inspect.
  • Declutter to make rooms look spacious. This can be done by discarding unnecessary furniture and organizing things into storage units. You can hire rental space to stock extra items if you have space issues
  • Clean kitchen counters to make it look big as kitchens matter a lot to most buyers.
  • Clear hallways by removing anything that might block the passage. Make it smooth for the buyer to walk through.
  • Box up any irrelevant personal items that are visible and hide the boxes in the garage or private stores.
  • Lastly, to test your efforts, call over a neighbor or relative for a walkthrough and present them to your house as you would to a potential buyer. Then ask for their genuine view and critics so that you can improve!

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We hope that you follow these tips when considering home selling. These are sure-fire ways to make your home sale a success. They ensure that you don’t regret placing your cherished property into the wrong hands, at the wrong price with wrong timings!

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