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Tips to Maintain Your Clothes for the Long-term

If you are tired of throwing clothes every now and then and becoming broke by having to replace them, then it’s time to change. You are going wrong somewhere because not everyone’s clothes age quickly.

So if you want to make your clothes last longer, you will have to make some minor changes to your wardrobe management.

Not only will it save you money and time in terms of investment in clothes, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint as it will enhance sustainability. Here are some tips to keep your cherished garments look fresh every time:

image - Tips to Maintain Your Clothes for the Long-term
Tips to Maintain Your Clothes for the Long-term

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1. Wash Properly

We all know washing impacts the longevity of your clothes. So if you wash your clothes properly by following these tips, they will last longer than ever. Not only will you be able to save water, electricity, and detergent, but your clothes will look newer after every wash:

  • Use good washing machines. The type and quality of your machine can determine the age of your clothes as well. This is because the strength of the wash and the ability to generate foam depends upon the brand you use. So invest in a highly functional machine to get excellent results. By using a washing machine cleaner, you can also make sure that your machine lasts for years.
  • Don’t cram your wardrobe in the washing machine at once. This might save you water and time, but your clothes will fade out as they will rub against each other. They won’t even get washed properly and will cost you more in the long run!
  • Always use cool water to wash clothes. This is because hot water can cause the dye to run and also lead to fabric getting ruined.
  • Use less detergent as it can make the fabric stiff as well as fade it. So instead of using the standard amount use ½ of it and combine it with some baking soda. Soda will boost the detergent and clean your clothes like normal but lowering the detergent footprint.
  • If you don’t want your dark garments to fade quickly, then wash them inside out. This preserves color and also stops prints from cracking.
  • Don’t wash frequently. If you feel that your clothes are not dirty after wear, don’t be obliged or tempted to wash them. Just hang them in the sun or steam them and put them back in the wardrobe. It is not necessary for clothes to hit the laundry after every wear as machines are hard on them. They will fade quicker than ever if you keep hitting the spin button.
  • Only send for dry cleaning if it is necessary. Dry cleaning is only advised if your clothes have stains that are very stubborn. Or else save yourself some expense and your clothes from cruelty

2. Dry Properly

It is best to dry clothes outdoors because the wind and sun can naturally evaporate the water and also kill the remaining bacteria as well. So if it is not raining outside, instead of using an energy-consuming dryer, let the sun do the job.

Not only does it much better but it is also kind for your electric bill. It also protects your clothes and makes them last longer.

This is because drying garments on a clothesline prevents overheating and breaking down of cloth elasticity, thus reducing shrinking and overstretching.

3. Right Hangers can Make Quite a Difference

Most of our clothes spend most of their lives hanging. So to make them last longer, you have to ensure that they are stored properly. Using the right hanger can make clothes breathe better.

So instead of using plastic hangers that stretch out the shoulders of your shirts and make them saggy, use wooden hangers.

They might be more costly, but they not only make the clothes last longer but are durable themselves. They take better care of your dresses as they are smooth and reliable.

4. Basic Mending can Take Your Clothes a Long Way

If you throw clothes just because a strap has come loose or there is a slight tear, or a button has fallen off, then you are wasting your hard-earned money.

Learn some basic mending, and you will save all those beautiful pieces of clothing that were previously unusable.

Instead of feeling guilty of tossing them out so early, or spending money on dressmakers to mend the, do it yourself. It only takes a few seconds and will save you both your garment as well as a trip to the tailor!

5. Knowing Your Ironing

Iron has a lot of ironies as it can make or break your garments. Those who run away from ironing might be doing clothes a favor if not to themselves! This is because ironing at the wrong temperature does more harm than good.

And most people don’t iron their garments correctly. They don’t know the rules for special types of clothing and end up burning, damaging, or shrinking them.

Thus you can make your clothes last longer if you only mildly iron them by setting the iron two degrees lower than the standard recommendation.

Not only does this decrease the chances of burning your delicate dress but will also get all the creases out gently. Also, some materials don’t need ironing.

You can ditch this chore completely if you shake these clothes before drying and hang them properly to prevent any creases from forming!

6. Folding Heavy Dresses

If you have highly embroidered clothes or garments made of heavy fabric, then it is best not to hang them. This also includes woolen sweaters and leather jackets.

It is pretty obvious that by hanging heavy clothes, you allow the fabric to the point of becoming droopy. So folding them nicely and storing them properly can make a real difference.

7. Storing in a Proper Location

Clothes are just humans. If they are not taken care of, they get damaged. This is not just limited to wearing and washing them properly. It is the after-care we are talking about.

Like we need confined space and some time alone, clothes also need to be stored properly in a safe and cool environment.

They become vulnerable if overexposed to light or humidity. So to make them last longer, avoid placing garments in the basement, bathroom, or other moldy location.

The bacteria proliferate and ruin your clothes there. So keep them in an organized wardrobe where they have breathing space. Moreover, avoid pressuring on dress onto another as it can lead to wrinkles and fading.

If you don’t have enough space to hang them properly, place them in breathable canvas bags. An additional tip is to place lavender leave or pieces of cedarwood amongst them as it keeps unwanted moth holes at bay!

8. Go for a Dye Bath

Most clothes look old because their colors fade, but the rest of them is in solid condition. This is because you wash them harshly like a serial washer. You can easily wear them longer if you could bring back the hues. And that’s entirely possible.

By giving them a dye bath, they will be as good as new! So if you are not ready to let go of the clothes you have mercilessly washed out, then rejuvenate their color.

By just dipping them in a bucket of colored dye and some amount of water, they will transform. Voila! Your clothes will be better than ever.

Ps. just wash these with like colors in the beginning as the dye might run the first few times.

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Wrapping Up

Just follow these sure-fire ways and make your clothes last longer than ever. Watch them look brand new even after the hundredth wear and make each penny you spent on them, count!

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