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Heating Duct Maintenances

Your ductwork plays an important role in the central HVAC system.

Without Ducts

Filtered and conditioned air cannot reach through all living areas in your home.

Also, the ducts play a huge role in balancing the heating and cooling systems in the home, plus the efficiency and well-conditioning of the HVAC system.

image - Heating Duct Maintenances
Heating Duct Maintenances

Do You Know?

Damaged or leaky ducts can both affect the efficiency of the energy systems in the home as well as your comfort as the resident. Get here for your ducted heating services.

About Maintenance

It is quite simple to ensure better performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. All you need to do is to regularly maintain your ducts.

It works better than replacing your energy filters in the home.

Here we go with some maintenance tips

Identify Leaky Ducts

Do you know that about 66% of homes have leaks in their home Ducts? Leaky Ducts impact about 20% of your heating and cooling energy losses, according to the U.S Department of Energy’s Energy Star program.

Check out about twice a month for leaky ducts.

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Seal Your Ducts Well

While feeling along the duct joints you have access to, seal them with either mastic or a foiled tape.

Duct tapes cannot do it, they are too soft and would cut at any time. Then inspect your ducts regularly.

A bucket of mastic or a roll of foil tapes will save you a lot of cost for replacing your HVAC system.

Perform A Duct Test

You can perform a Duct blaster test. Place a small fan and a pressure gauge to assess and measure the leakages in the duct system while pressuring them.

Only the ducts sealed properly would be void of leakages. You might also need the assistance of an HVAC professional for further testing and fixing if it is necessary.

Install an Ultra-Violent Light in The Ducts

Ultra-violent light radiations help to fight against and prevent the buildup of fungal infestations such as bacteria, molds, and fungal spores.

There, it is usually difficult to control humidity and these fungal infestations are prone to such areas.

Moreover, it helps to sterilize the air and create a worthy air quality.

Do Not Shut the Vents in Your Room

You probably feel it is cheaper to reduce your room’s air conditioning. It is cheaper, anyway, but the truth is issues surrounding pressure drops also relate to vents blocked by furniture as well as obstructions in the ducts. So, it is relatively the same cost as air conditioning.

Replace Necessary Parts

Cleaning your ducts might as well require the services of a professional.

However, you should clean your furnace filters once in one or two months, or when specified by the manufacturer on the manual.

Change the filters of your air conditioning system once you notice a concentration of clouds of dust. Specks of dust will reduce the rate of quality airflow through the HVAC system.


You need the services of an HVAC contractor to check your maintenance activities. Your maintenance can’t be only enough.

And that’s a wrap.

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