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How to Achieve the Coffee Shop Look For Your Home

Do you want to make your home feel unique yet comfortable? You could opt for a coffee shop look.

After all, people love visiting coffee shops not only for the drinks but for the mood and aesthetic.

This is why a lot of people prefer to work at coffee shops, especially creative people like writers or musicians.

image - How to Achieve the Coffee Shop Look For Your Home
How to Achieve the Coffee Shop Look For Your Home

Of course, making your home look like a cafe is easier said than done. Fortunately, we’ve got a few handful tips here to help you get started:

Coffee Corner

Start your cafe decor by having a coffee corner. Have a few jars with different kinds of coffee beans and set them close to your coffee machine.

Let the aroma fill your home to make it feel like a coffee shop. The aroma can stir the brain to wake people up while also reminding them of the comfort and feel of a good coffee shop.

A good coffee corner has cafe-style decor too. Add a few potted plants, a chalkboard displaying or explaining the different kinds of coffee drinks, and don’t forget to add a grinder and open bag of coffee beans too.

Cafe Style Furniture

The aroma of coffee will do a lot but the visual aesthetic matters too. On top of this list of house decorating tips is getting a bar stool, wooden tables, and a relaxing couch by the window.

Don’t forget to add swing doors if you can. Look for old-school saloon swing doors, like the ones offered at swingingcafedoors.com.

If you’ll spend on redesigning your home, invest in stone walls and hardwood floors. The natural, old-school look does a lot for achieving a classical cafe appearance.

If you’re aiming for a modern French cafe aesthetic, go with glass and black metal surfaces.

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To achieve a cafe-style aesthetic, you’ll need a chalkboard.

Yes, a simple chalkboard can help make your home look like a cafe. Of course, an empty one won’t achieve much. You’ll have to fill it with the right kind of information and art.

As mentioned, you could use the chalkboard to explain different kinds of coffee drinks. You could fill the chalkboard with quotes or with a makeshift cafe menu.

Lighting and Music

Keep in mind that home decoration can only get you so far. To truly capture the essence of a coffee shop, you’ll want to set the right tone.

Dim your home and then use warm light or yellow light for a coffee shop vibe.

Got the lighting right? The next step is to amplify the mood with good music. Most cafes use classic swing jazz but you can also use piano pieces or violin pieces.

Make Your Home Look Like a Coffee Shop Now

Don’t fret if you can’t visit a coffee shop to relax or get some work done. With these simple tips, you can make your home feel like a cafe.

Build a good foundation with a coffee corner, set the mood with decent lighting and music, and then decorate your home to perfect the aesthetic.

But why stop with a coffee corner?

If you want to redecorate your home and get it right, we’ve got a plethora of guides for you. Don’t hesitate to continue reading our guides and lists right here to achieve the look you want.

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