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How to Choose Right Roofing Material

A house is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments you will make in life, so it makes perfect sense to want to install only the right construction materials, including roofing materials.

At Trade store, we believe it is important to purchase appropriate roofing materials to ensure you build a strong, long-lasting, and efficient roof for your house.

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How to Choose Right Roofing Material

We source, stock, and supply roofing materials and other trade and building supplies, from reliable manufacturers in the UK.

Besides selling top-quality building materials, we also offer tips on how to make sure you buy the correct roofing materials.

Here Are Some of the Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Roofing Materials:

Home Design

Choose a roofing material that blends with the style and color of your home.

For instance, certain materials like asphalt shingles are versatile and can be used on almost all architectural designs. For antique-styled buildings, tiles seem to fit best.

The design also means choosing the correct color. Our experts can guide you on the best color roofing material, that’ll compliment your home and its surroundings.

Roofing Application

Roofing material types are determined by the intended roofing application.

Anyone working with a new roof can choose many different roofing materials.

This is because there are no existing roof materials, roof pitch, or roof structure composition to limit you, as is the case with replacement roofs.

It is important to choose a roofing material that is applicable to your roof whether new or refurbished.

Our excellent felt support tray can actually be installed in both new or refurbished buildings.

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Local Climate

Local climatic conditions determine the choice of roofing material for your house. Locations that rain a lot, require materials that can withstand heavy rainfall.

Homes in areas with hot climates do well with roofing materials such as slate tiles, terracotta, and concrete.

If you’re building in a cold area you might want to use roofing materials that will trap heat; such as asphalt shingles, metal, and slate.

Materials that allow sloping are great for areas that snow, as it helps facilitate easy drainage.

Our felt support tray is ideal for hot areas since it protects the roofing underlay from UV degradation.

This eaves protector can also be used in areas with heavy rainfall, as it is designed to prevent ponding behind fascia boards thus improving drainage on roofs.


Ensure you pick a resilient material that offers functionality and age, depending on your local area’s natural disasters.

Some areas experience disasters such as hurricanes, hailstorms, or fast-moving wildfires.

If you’re building in an area prone to such disasters, choosing a resilient roofing material will offer a level of protection.

Maintenance Requirements

We believe it is wise to choose a modern roofing material. No one wants to keep using their time, energy, and money to maintain a roof.

Many options however require minimal maintenance. As you select available options, ask yourself the following;

  • How available will you be to maintain the roof?
  • What kind of maintenance is required?
  • Will it involve recoating and repainting or will there be a need for replacement roof materials?
  • Will I be able to do it myself or will I need to hire a roofing contractor?
  • How much am I expected to pay for roof maintenance?

Material Weight

As you research roofing materials, consider the weight, as it will affect a house’s structural integrity.

Select only materials whose weight will not overburden your building. Materials such as our felt support tray eaves protector are strong, durable and our lightweight PVC options are very functional.

When renovating buildings over 40 years old, always consider lightweight roofing materials because buildings lose their strength with age.


Of course, everyone wants long-lasting roofing materials in the sense that houses are permanent structures.

Select only materials that have a long lifespan to offer years of service. Be wary as certain considerations may make you choose materials that don’t last long.

Maybe you don’t plan to stay in your home and intend to sell it in the future.

The budget may influence using roofing materials that have a shorter lifespan, in the hope or plan, the new landlord will renovate in the future.


No one plans to roof their house without a budget. You should choose roofing materials that suit your requirements but are within your budget.

Some roofing material suppliers offer very competitive prices for quality options. At Trade store, for instance, we have excellent roofing materials at some of the best rates.

It is important to know that roofs are vulnerable and choosing the right roofing material will enable you to protect your home, its occupants, and property.

Roofing materials such as the felt support tray, are great for protecting roofs from the sun and any rotting that might be caused by rainfall.

Our specialists at the Trade store can help you choose the best roofing material.

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