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How to Clean an Electric Paint Sprayer Gun?

Electrical paint sprayer gun is a popular choice for painting and DIY enthusiasts. They’re easy to use and available in a variety of sizes, styles, and features.

It works by using compressed air and liquid paint to produce a controlled spraying effect. Even inexperienced painters can use a paint sprayer to achieve quality results with little effort.

image - How to Clean an Electric Paint Sprayer Gun?
How to Clean an Electric Paint Sprayer Gun?

But after a few uses, they may need to be cleaned in order to maintain their effectiveness. Why? Because these machines can get dirty, and they need to be cleaned in order to keep them functioning properly.

In this writing, we will discuss a detailed guideline on how to clean an electric paint sprayer gun with homemade cleaning tips.

How to Clean an Electric Paint Sprayer Gun in 7 Easy Steps?

Step 1: Arrange Necessary Cleaning Accessories

The first thing is to arrange the necessary accessories that will be used to clean the paint sprayer. You will need several things, including a small bucket for storage, dish soap, scrubbing pad, wire brush, water container with sponge or rag, and paper towels.

Moreover, you will need to get a vacuum cleaner to dry it out. To clean the remaining paint from the sprayer gun, you will need some cleaning liquid – water, thinner, or mechanic’s hand cleaner.

Step 2: Clean the Sprayer Tip

To clean the paint sprayer tip, you must rub the paint sprayer tip with a paper towel. you should have to, The next part is to arrange a cleaning solution.

You will need dish soap, water, and a sponge or rag. Another required item is a bucket to store the cleaning solution.

But how to make the cleaning solution to clean the electric paint sprayer gun? First, you need to mix all the required ingredients and add them to a bucket. And do not keep this solution for too long.

Step 3: Get Your Paint Sprayer Well Prepared Before Cleaning

Electric paint sprayers are a great alternative to a traditional paintbrush. Although electric paint sprayers require a little more care and preparation, the result is worth it. Before cleaning your electric paint sprayer, you should ensure that it is adequately prepared for use.

  1. It’s best to start with a general inspection to identify any problems that would prevent the proper use of the spray gun.
  2. Shut off the power of the Electric Paint Sprayer Gun.
  3. Set all adjustments of your sprayer gun to zero or set up the lowest adjustment.
  4. Remove the filter and tips.

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Step 4: Disassemble the Paint Sprayer gun

Disassembling the paint sprayer properly is essential to make sure the next job goes smoothly. The first step is to remove all the filters by taking out the filter cap and then pulling on the filter box located underneath it. This will expose all of the filters for easy removal with your fingers or a small screwdriver.

Next, remove the trigger assembly and spray nozzle from the paint sprayer gun. Then, remove any old paint from the tube by attaching a small wire brush to a drill and rotating it clockwise for a few minutes. Finally, re-assemble the paint sprayer gun and allow it to dry before use.

Step 5: Liquidate the Paint Sprayer Gun Disassembled Parts in Paint Thinner

Paint sprayers can be a messy and time-consuming tool to use when painting. After using the paint sprayer, there is often a large amount of sticky paint that needs to be cleaned up and disposed of.

The process of cleaning up after using a paint sprayer can be so challenging. But submerging the paint sprayer gun disassembled parts in paint thinner is a good way to get rid of the remaining sticky paint. After submerging it for some time, you have to clean the parts with soap and water to get rid of excess paint.

Step 6: Clean the Siphon Tube of the Paint Sprayer Gun

Every paint sprayer needs to be cleaned periodically, and the siphon tube is the most essential part of the gun. The part of the paint sprayer gun allows air to pass through to create suction that forces all of the paint out.

When cleaning the siphon tube, it should be done with care and caution as it can cause injury if not handled correctly. Make sure you wear gloves and protective eyewear and never use compressed air as it will shoot all of the paint in the siphon tube back at you or anyone else nearby.

  1. First, remove the siphon tube and immediately flush the remaining paint.
  2. You can flush the siphon tube with clean water. You can use a mixture of water and detergent to clean it properly.
  3. If you wish to paint (or have painted) with oil-based paints, then clean the siphon tube with a good quality thinner.

Step 7: After Cleaning, dry it Out and Reassemble the Spray Gun

Many people don’t know how to clean their spray gun after use, but it is necessary in order to keep the gun in good working condition. The following steps will help you clean your spray gun and maintain its quality.

The first step for proper care of a spray gun is to clean it. Cleaning your spray gun is vital to protecting your tools. After that, please reassemble the gun to fulfill the cleaning process.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can tell that when cleaning your paint sprayer, don’t be afraid to get in there and give it a good scrub.

This article provides the steps to clean an electric paint sprayer gun, including first, removing any residual material from the nozzle, then removing coating and contaminants from the inside of the head with a low-pressure air compressor, and finally flushing out all traces of solvent by spraying water through the gun.

Then, make sure you reassemble it correctly: the nozzle should be closed and never left open, and it must be turned off and unplugged from the power source.

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