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How Commercial Cleaning Can Protect You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safety is always a top business concern, but now more than ever there has been a huge focus on cleaning and hygiene in the workplace. Especially in large cities, high traffic flow throughout buildings from individuals coming from around the country can lead to the virus spreading if proper care isn’t taken.

Although many employees know how to properly clean their offices, very few have the time to take care and attention and complete a thorough job. That is why commercial cleaning London is one of the most vital investments any business can make during the pandemic.

image - How Commercial Cleaning Can Protect You During the COVID-19 Pandemic
How Commercial Cleaning Can Protect You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We discuss the importance of commercial cleaning during COVID-19 and how it can help protect you, staff, visitors, and clients over the coming months.

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Every Area Covered

Commercial cleaners like phs don’t just clean the obvious areas. As well as keeping kitchens, washrooms, and floors sparkling clean, they have expert knowledge in areas and items that need regular attention to prevent the spread of not just coronavirus, but any other harmful bacteria that can lead to people falling ill.

Light switches, door handles, access keypads are all cleaned frequently throughout the day. Not only these but even coffee machines, water coolers, fridge doors, and microwaves are some of the most used office items but often neglected in the cleaning schedules and some of the dirtiest.

Commercial cleaners will pay particular attention to all areas that come into regular contact with users.

The Very Best Products

Cleaning products can be in all manner of quality. Some simply give the appearance of cleanliness but don’t actually disinfect.

Others can be so harsh that no germs have a chance to survive, however, if not used properly, this can cause damage to surfaces and toxins can lead to health problems with staff, short and long-term.

Professional commercial cleaners have a full understanding of what products need to be used to kill COVID-19 and will always ensure these are used where possible.

They also know when strong chemical cleaners can’t be used, for example, on fabric chairs or carpets. This doesn’t mean these areas will be neglected with the disinfection process, instead, alternative methods will be used, ensuring no area is left to harbour germs.

After use, these products need to be properly stored. Potential leakages and cross-contamination could be hazardous and cause damage to storage areas. In a worst-case scenario, these could accidentally mix together and cause toxic fumes, which can cause a lot of harm before someone addresses the issue.

Commercial cleaners have full training in COSHH and colour-coded cleaning, meaning all products are stored and handled with extreme care, leaving everybody safe.

Deep Cleaning

In the unfortunate event that an office building has a confirmed case of COVID-19, it’s crucial to have space properly cleaned to avoid spread and allow other staff members to return to work as soon as possible.

The commercial cleaner can offer one-off deep cleaning. This gives staff the confidence they need to return to work safely as every inch of the office will be disinfected with what is now known as a ‘COVID Clean’.

Bio-fogging, a technique that uses dry or wet mist which can remove up to 100% of pathogens, is one of the fastest and most effective methods of doing this. Even walls, ceiling, and light fittings are sterilized in this process.

Stocking Up

It’s the responsibility of everyone to do their bit to prevent the spread. Hand washing and using hand sanitiser is one of the best ways we can all do this.

Most people are happy to do this, but if stocks of soap, hand towels, and hand sanitizer have run out, it can be easily cast aside to continue with the working day.

Commercial cleaners will ensure that stock of consumable goods, such as these, are always replenished. This encourages staff and visitors to wash their hands as often as possible.

Personal Workstation

Personal desks and workstations can be the biggest culprit for germs. Staff may forget to clean their own workstations or possibly think this is not important to do as they are the only ones who come into contact with these items.

However, neglecting these areas can actually lead to the largest spread of germs in the office. Commercial cleaners can address these areas daily and have expert knowledge of how to properly sterilise electrical items, such as telephones and keyboards, without causing any damage to them.

Full PPE

Commercial cleaners will always come equipped with the correct PPE such as masks and gloves. This protects them and staff and visitors.

This means budgets and stock of PPE can be saved for general staff and it’s one less thing business owners need to worry about.

Moreover, professional cleaners have the training and in-depth knowledge about proper handling of PPEs, including how to safely remove and dispose of masks, suits, protective nitrile gloves, and other hazardous wastes. These safety measures are vital to prevent the spread of the virus and reduce health risks in the workplace.

Waste Disposal

Pre-COVID commercial cleaners have always taken care when it comes to disposing of the rubbish but now, even more, consideration is being taken.

Washroom waste, such as hand towels and tissues need to be disposed of properly, ensuring nothing accidentally sneaks out from bags and can spread bacteria.

Paper and plastic cups (or anything that comes into contact with mouths) need the same careful disposal. Commercial cleaners have undertaken extra training and will make sure nothing ends up where it should after it has been thrown away.

Doing the Washing

Towels, table cloths, cushion covers and all over forms of textile and soft furnishings need washing more often than previously.

Just popping these items in the washing machine isn’t enough to kill the virus. A recommended 90-degree wash should be used to kill COVID-19. However, this heat can also cause damage to some fabrics.

Commercial cleaners will know what can and can’t be washed at high temperature and use the correct detergent accordingly to kill the virus on a cooler wash, without causing deterioration to the textiles.

Now more than ever, we are seeing just how important commercial cleaners are to every industry. It’s a small price to pay to ensure the safety of everyone within the building.

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