The COVID-19 pandemic has woken up many business owners to the hard fact that adaptability is important if you are to remain profitable.

Demand, consumption, and service delivery have been severely hindered by government regulations and the global economic strain.

Cleaning businesses like BlueSpring Cleaning are amongst the few niche industries that have witnessed growth in the pandemic aftermath.

Pandemics bring increased focus on hygiene and sanitation measures, translating into a boom for the domestic and commercial cleaning industry.

Growing your cleaning business during a pandemic is a simple matter of advertising the protocols you have implemented to guarantee safety.

Here is how to grow that cleaning business you’ve invested in during a pandemic:

image - How to Grow your Cleaning Business During a Pandemic

How to Grow your Cleaning Business During a Pandemic

Create and Market Excellent Contactless Services

Contactless service is now the best and sometimes only mode of delivery possible.

Allow your clients to have an excellent contact-free experience by modifying your website and order sheets to include specific instructions if they intend to be out when the cleaning staff arrives.

The client will be present during cleaning and communicate respectfully to the staff and client on the need to maintain physical distance when issuing instructions or otherwise.

For example, clients may be in a different room of the house other than the one being cleaned at any particular moment.

Though seemingly stringent, your clients will appreciate your adherence to hygiene and sanitation safeguards.

Charity Drive or Donations

During a pandemic, the needy in the community are particularly vulnerable. Easing the needy’s burden in any way is a wonderful way of giving back and growing your business in one stroke.

One cost-efficient way for cleaning companies to give back is by engaging clients to donate old clothes, linen, books, toys, etc.

This can then be distributed amongst the homeless or underprivileged people. This kind of profile will build up your cleaning company and increase your volume of business.

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Secure your Employees

Do not run a risk that your employees might get infected with a virus from a home or commercial site.

As the most critical asset in your business, employees require proper training on keeping themselves and the clients safe.

This includes buying the right protective equipment e.g., goggles, gloves, and masks. Include these measures in your promotional materials to put your clients at ease that there will be no contact between your professionally outfitted staff and their items.

Use cleaning products that the Environmental Protection Agency has approved to avoid corroding surfaces or endangering your employees using black market sanitizers.

Impress on your employees the importance of observing all safety and hygiene protocols even when off the clock.

Having a member of staff get infected can begin a panic amongst your current clients and staff while scaring off new ones.

Any measure that can increase safety, e.g., picking up employees from their homes and dropping them at clients to reduce contact on public transport, is certainly worth it.

Proper Insurance

Getting the right insurance policies for your business and letting clients know they are covered is another way of growing your business.

It also goes a long way in securing your employees, like workers’ compensation insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses.

Clients are also more at ease and likely to offer referrals if they know you have general liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance.

Although how insurance works are affected by pandemics, it is nonetheless essential to have it and let your clients know they are protected.

Create New Marketing Content

Bragging about your business never goes out of style. Modern advertising has given small and medium business owners more power to engage their customer base directly.

If you have not been running social media pages, now is the time to start. Post content relevant to your business, like displaying the safety measures you have enacted to safeguard your clients and staff members or post-how-to tips on cleaning subjects.

Online marketing can be tricky for a beginner. It is a great idea to hire a professional content manager.

They are skilled at getting your business noticed in the vast online world. They tactfully and wittily engage with your customer base in the more relaxed and participatory user-generated forms online advertising is known to take.

Not your entire marketing base will be found online. Traditional marketing still has its strengths and niche audience.

Advertisements in newspapers, direct mail, putting up flyers at the mall, and running TV Ads on local networks still brings in business.