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How to Find the Right Baker’s Racks for You

One of the most versatile pieces of storage furniture you can get is a baker’s rack. Not sure what a baker’s rack is? Well, like many of us, you’ve probably seen them and didn’t know their official name.

They occupy bedrooms, patios, greenhouses, and more. Baker’s racks are some of the most helpful additions to your home’s interior and exterior.

image - How to Find the Right Baker’s Racks for You
How to Find the Right Baker’s Racks for You

Let’s Break Down Some of the Ways you can Incorporate them into your Design.

When you think of a baker’s rack, the bathrooms aren’t the first space that comes to mind. However, the bathroom is the perfect placement for this piece to display toiletries and towels. The rack makes these items visible and readily accessible for guests.

For your personal bathroom, they’re great for keeping your body washes, facial cleansers, and other needs within arm’s reach.

Decorative tissue boxes and soaps also look great sitting on the wooden shelves. The drawers can be used to store extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, or other smaller items in one central location. They work in any bathroom, no matter the style.

Baker’s rack work great in small bedrooms too. If you have a small bedroom, you know that every square foot of space is important, and a corner baker’s rack will make the most of it.

They take up vertical space, leaving floor space open for you to move around or place other needed furnishings. Use one as a TV stand or for keeping your book collection organized. Or use it to display keepsakes and souvenirs from your travels.

When you have young children in a limited living space, finding a hiding spot for their toys can be challenging.

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But, if you have the right baker’s rack, you’ll have a space for their puzzles, building blocks, dolls, and action figures. If they love collecting items like dolls or cars, the baker’s rack can help them organize their display.

Wicker rattan baskets or cloth drawers will keep their toys safely tucked away. Many units are made out of strong, durable materials like wood and iron and able to withstand everyday use.

Children at times may get excited and lean against the rack or try to climb it. Be sure to anchor the unit to the wall to keep them safe while they’re playing.

The rack can also be useful when used outside. It’s a terrific option for protecting delicate herbs as they grow. Many of these racks are made from materials that are suitable for any kind of weather.

Your plants can thrive on a porch or balcony with the help of one of these units. Baker’s racks are especially useful for clinging and climbing plants like roses and ivy. The tall backs of the racks serve as a trellis and add their own decorative flair.

This piece is also perfect for spaces where you entertain guests and family. You can use the shelves as a buffet for refreshments and finger foods, and the great part is it can also be moved outside to the patio on those warm summer nights. You can read more baker’s rack information at 1StopBedrooms.

Many units have built-in wine racks and spaces for your delicate stemware. The drawers can hold bar accessories like corkscrews and mixers.

Baker’s racks come in a variety of styles, from elaborately decorated units to clean, sleek designs. Others mix metal accents in for those who prefer an industrial-style bar.

Baker’s racks also come in several shapes and sizes. They can be anywhere from 24-36 inches wide and reach heights of 60-72 inches. You can find models that are larger and smaller with varying shelf designs.

Speaking of shelves, how many tiers does your baker’s rack need? That will, of course, depend on what you plan to use the unit for. Racks with just two or three shelves will usually have more space between the tiers than units with five or six.

If the items you’re keeping on the rack are small appliances and tall cereal boxes, a two or three-tier rack with lots of height between shelves is what you need. If saving floor space is a concern, then start searching for a narrow baker’s rack.

The style of your rack is also important as you want it to match the décor in the space. Traditional baker’s racks are characterized by their elegant curves and medium to dark finishes. Accents like inset panels and leaf patterns reflect past eras like the Victorian times. A traditional baker’s rack may incorporate rich detailing elaborate scrollwork.

Modern bakers’ racks have polished surfaces and geometric shapes. Modern designs also have angular lines and asymmetrical details. Metal and glass are common materials used in constructing modern units.

Like modern racks, contemporary styles are known for having clean lines and symmetrical shapes. But, unlike the modern style, the contemporary designs are often tempered by curved or soft lines. Contemporary styles will catch your eye by mixing finishes and materials.

A transitional baker’s rack blends elements from traditional and contemporary designs. Lines and forms are simple yet stylish. They emphasize uncluttered detail, so they’re not very ornamental, but they do have flair.

The great thing about contrasting straight lines with tapered legs is that a transitional baker’s rack will mesh with contemporary or traditional furnishings and complement your current décor.

Country bakers’ racks are much more scaled-down versions of traditional units. Country styles are defined by their milk-painted woods and muted colors.

The simple lines provide a comfortable feel, while features like stenciling add playful detailing. The hand-carved insets and smooth, graceful curves add a peaceful charm to the space.

Now that we’ve covered the basics when it comes to baker’s racks, selecting one should be a lot easier. Choose from the available styles and sizes to select the baker’s rack that is right for your space.

No matter if the rack is being used for its intended purpose, or you’ve found another use for it in your home, there is one out there waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to include a baker’s rack in any room’s design.