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Things to Consider While Buying Glass Table Tops

Glass tabletops maintain a new look of your furniture for a long period of time. Glass tops also protect the table surface from liquids that could get absorbed by wood tops and can damage it.

Glass tops are also very easy to clean. All you need is a cloth wipe to clean the surface of the table.

image - Things to Consider While Buying Glass Table Tops
Things to Consider While Buying Glass Table Tops

If you are looking to buy a cut to size glass table top for your furniture then the following are the few things which you can take into consideration to choose the right glass top for your table.

Glass Type

Glass type is the main thing to consider when choosing a glass top for your table. There are many types of glass which you can buy from the market. The most common types of glass used for table tops are following

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Clear Tempered glass

It is a regular transparent glass top that is most commonly used.

Tinted Glass

If you need some color tone in your glass top to match it with your room or furniture theme then tinted glass is the perfect option for you. There are several colors available in the tinted glass however bronze and gray are the most commonly used colors for tabletops.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is actually a translucent type of glass with milky shade. It gives your table a stylish look. You can also find different patterns in frosted glass tops. Some companies can also print any company logo or custom design pattern on a frosted glass top.

Low Iron Clear Glass

Low iron glass is the clearest type of glass that lets 99% light pass through it. As its name shows it comes with low iron which reduces the greenish look from glass and makes it extra clear. If you have a stylish base for your table then this option can be a perfect option for you.

Glass Thickness

After deciding the glass type for your tabletop, you need to choose glass thickness according to your table size. Glass tops come in various thicknesses ranging between 4mm to 19mm. You can choose thickness according to your tabletop size and type.

For example, if you just need a tabletop cover to protect the wooden surface of the table then 6mm is enough for you. However, if your tabletop is only glass with no support under it then you must go for 12 mm or 15 mm.


Your glass top edges are also an important factor to consider. Following are some most common types of edges used for table tops

Flat Polished Edge

It is a simple flat edge with a glossy and smooth look. It is the cheapest edge option and gives your glass top a clean look.


A beveled edge is actually a border of reduced thickness on the edge of your tabletop.

These two types of edges are most commonly being used for glass tops. However, there are many more types of edges available in the market.


Glass tops are costly and can be more expensive if you don’t choose your glass top properly. Considering upper-defined things can help you to choose the right option of the glass top for your table.