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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Any Student Accommodation

As a student, studying away from home and shifting to a new place away from your family is altogether different and an overwhelming experience. Yes, it is of no surprise you must be excited to start living by yourself and relish the independent life.

image - 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Any Student Accommodation
5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Any Student Accommodation

However, hunting for student apartments that fulfill all your requirements can be a task. The student housing market size stands at $248 million and is expected to grow more.

Picking an accommodation requires a lot of thinking since this is where you will have to spend a few years of your university life. It is a space where you need to sleep, cook and even socialize with other students if you need to share the room.

Here are a few things to consider to help you pick an ideal accommodation for your university life.

Apartment Rent

Since you will be leading a student life, you may want to reconsider your monthly budget plans. A notable chunk of money from your allowance is spent on rent.

So, if you are in a cost crunch, think of renting a shared space where you can divide the rent with someone else. Also, the rent varies depending on the location.

Student apartments that are a bit further away from the city may be cheaper. Therefore, if you have an option to take public transport, you can always find a comfortable space away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

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If you have flexible university timings, the location of your accommodation may not be a concern.

However, getting a rental in the proximity of your university can help you save your precious time and money on public transport.

Moreover, you can easily walk into the library whenever needed and never miss out on lectures due to time constraints.


Before looking for a student apartment, you may want to think and rethink your needs. If you are looking for a space solely for sleep, then a one-bedroom apartment with an attached washroom can do the job.

But if you need more comfort, you can opt for a rental with a standard room and kitchen to conduct your daily chores.

Few student accommodations offer luxuries such as a study room, gym, dining room, storage, etc.

Lease Terms and Deposit

You must consider going through the rental agreement and lease ahead of picking an accommodation for yourself.

Be on the lookout for details and moving in dates, utility costs, any additional costs, etc. It will give you a more precise picture before you decide to say yes to a particular student apartment.

Inquiring about the deposit amount is another integral factor you should not miss out on. This safety deposit is collected before you move in and return while moving out.

Moreover, you can even check with the owners if the deposit is negotiable, or you can attain any student-related discounts or loans.

Cross-Check Security Features

It is important you feel safe and secure in your new abode, away from your family. Staying in a new place surrounded by new people makes this feature even more cardinal.

Many student rentals and apartments offer security facilities such as 24/7 security guards, CCTV cameras, well-equipped reception, and so on. These features can make your living more relaxed and guarded in an alien city.

Wrapping Up

University life is more eventful when you find your own welcoming space to live. With tons of options open today, you can find the one that will make your living more comfortable.

Once you clear your above apprehensions, it will be a breeze to pick an ideal home away from home.