Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, so it is essential that we too should know how to take care of our best friend.

The best way to keep your dog healthy and happy is by proper grooming at home, for which many people go through training from the kennel centers nearby their homes.

Dog grooming is an essential part of maintaining good hygiene and the health of the dogs.

So let us explore and understand the simple grooming techniques which can be applied at home for your beloved pet.

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How to Groom your Dog at Home

  • One of the most essential arts of grooming is the brushing procedure for the dog, it helps in the proper circulation and stimulation of blood, further helps in loosening of the muscles, and also removes the dry flakes of the skin.

Each dog breed needs a separate brush, like the brushes for Australian Shepherds are unique in their own way. Different dogs with different hair forms need separate brushes like if dogs with long coating style hair would need bristle type brushes and ones with long hair would need round-ended and long steel or chrome-plated brushes for proper brushing and grooming.

One can also go for the slicker brushes which are specifically for removing dead hair and mats, the rubber curry type combs are used for polishing smooth coats, and so on.

  • The bathing process is the next where the dog has to clean at home quite frequently which totally depends on the type of coat the dog is having.

You have to wet your dog with lukewarm water and rinse the dog shampoo on the back and neck and rinse thoroughly so that they are cleaned fully.

Then they have to be washed and dried in the blow dry format and again brushing is needed to smooth the skin.

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  • Nail trimming is a must as they may not only hurt others but themselves too. Only the tip of the nail which is downwards should be clipped so that their movement is also not harmed, and long nails make their movement too slow and noisy.

Few dogs grow their nails quite faster so one has to be quite vigilant in keeping the nails short and fine.

  • Cleaning the ear is the next step, which should be done once a month with a soft cotton cloth damped with mineral oil, and the outer part of the ear should be cleaned and nothing should be penetrated inside.

Sometimes the small ear hairs should be locked for proper circulation of air. This would be best if done by a veterinarian.

  • Cleaning the eyes is the most hassle-free, you have to just clean the white discharge from the eyes with a soft moist cotton ball and this helps in their clear vision too.
  • Brushing of the tooth is another fun time, there are special toothbrushes available for dogs of different breeds. Like the brushes for Australian Shepherds, other breeds do have their own toothbrushes.

Clean the gums with your finger and it’s soft and should not get hurt. Chewing toys are best to keep their teeth strong and shiny so having different chewing toys for them is a must.

  • A primary issue with the dogs is the anal sacks, which is a form of an infection they get in the anus. These are located on the side of the dog’s anus and it is best to be treated by the veterinarian.

Your pet may sometimes be too fussy and may even mess the whole house, but their existence in your life makes it happier and more beautiful. So, no compromise should be done when the grooming of your dogs is needed.

Different grooming tools are now available in the market which would help one to get the best grooming at home. Do keep your veterinarian informed while you go on with the grooming at home, as at the end of the day an expert’s advice is a must for your pet.

Also do take them regularly for check-ups so that the health of your dog would be maintained in a proper way keeping him gay and fit and make your life more glowing and happier from a tiring day of work.