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How to Increase Your Property Resale Value

Are you in the mind space of a resale and looking for ways to dress up your property? You have come to the right place.

Here you are in a property you are looking to turn into your dream home; how do you maximize its value? Sure, not everyone goes into property ownership with a resale in mind, but as we know, life is unpredictable.

A few years or decades, when you decide you want to sell, you will be glad you made a smart choice earlier on. That said, these are ways you can add value to your property.

image - How to Increase Your Property Resale Value
How to Increase Your Property Resale Value

8 Ways You Can Potentially Increase Your Property Value

1. Get Planning Permission

All updates and upgrade plans you have for your property mean nothing if you do not have planning permission to implement them.

The road to selling your home starts with meeting the necessary regulatory conditions.

Most home improvement projects require planning permissions; thus, begin with that if you want to get ahead.

2. Sit Down with an Expert

You can adopt several ideas to improve the value of your home, but unless you are an expert, it can be challenging to decide which is the best option for your home.

A realtor or interior designer will break down what is needed improvement and insight into what it takes to have a successful resale in today’s real estate market; it does not have to cost you more than $ 100.

Did you know home staging increases the chances of your property selling? And the pros can help you get there by showing

 you the ropes on how you can acquire home staging certification online and help make the space more visually impressive.

3. Paint, Paint, and Paint

If we are talking affordability, painting your property is a cost-effective improvement that will make a big difference for your property.

With a couple of bucks, go down to your local store for a couple of paint cans and give the place a clean updated look.

Remember, you want to appeal to buyers, so your taste has little to do with the color of paint you settle on. Neutral colors are a safer bet when considering a resale, as reports show they appeal to most buyers.

4. Revamp your Floors

Getting new floors installed in your space is one way to elevate its aesthetic and bump several values up. You will be in awe of the difference replacing your floors will have to the entire space.

To keep your costs within budget, consider affordable flooring options like laminate or vinyl that do not necessarily prompt you to break the bank for the room to look good.

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5. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

According to research, 60% of homeowners planning a resale choose to remodel their kitchens, whereas 40% settle on bathroom revamps. Upgrading these two rooms in the home has a significant impact on the entire property’s resale value.

However, you need to be smart about the remodel; affordable changes like a repaint, changing the lighting, or updating the cabinets or surfaces, can help you make a significant visual difference without going over budget.

6. Garage Conversion

Is your home garage just sitting there with no use? Here’s an idea; convert it to a room. Converting the garage into space like an office or living space is becoming popular, more so, since 2020.

For the past years, homeowners prioritizing extra space in the home and converting your garage is one way to get there, more so if you have outside parking. Of course, the 15% potential value increment doesn’t hurt!

7. Invest in Landscaping

Apart from the curb appeal mature landscaping adds to a home, it also increases its value.

Anytime you acquire a property, give some thought to the future; even if you are not planning to sell down the road, it does not hurt to make your exterior more desirable by planting some trees.

Some years later, when you are considering a resale, the mature trees will shoot the property up the more likely-to-sell property list.

8. Fence it up

As we talk about the interior of your property, we cannot brush off the exterior as it is what potential buyers first check to determine whether the property is worth the purchase.

Fencing your property upscales your property value by nearly 20 %, which is definitely a win in our book.

A few updates to transform your property may seem time-consuming and costly. However, the investment is totally worth it when you compare this to the bang you will get in return for your buck.

If you are looking at the bigger picture, these options can add potential value to your home, which means a win for you down the road. So, buckle up; it’s going to be a long ride!