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3 Best Home Improvement Projects for Higher Resale Value

Remodeling isn’t just for making homeowners happier, it can increase your home’s value when it’s time to resell. When remodeling, the best home improvement projects for resale can increase the value of payback by up to 75%.

image - 3 Best Home Improvement Projects for Higher Resale Value
3 Best Home Improvement Projects for Higher Resale Value

So, which home improvement ideas will give you the most bang for your buck? Read on to find the three best home improvement ideas that will send the value of your home soaring.

1. Kitchen Remodel

Having a functional kitchen is a huge bonus for any new homeowner, so making this a priority is a must. Although it can be a high-cost project, the return on this will cover the cost of the project plus some.

This doesn’t need to be a major kitchen remodel by any means. Meaning you can swap out light fixtures to make the space feel larger and open the room up a bit to create a flow and larger workspace.

Another area to consider that will help bring the value up is purchasing new appliances. Anyone looking to purchase would appreciate the finishing touches. Replacing the cabinets or even replacing the cabinet doors for something more modern and neutral will also bring an appeal.

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2. Window Replacement

When approaching window replacement in your home, it can seem intimidating because there are so many options. Picking energy-efficient windows that are triple-paned insulated will help recover the cost.

This can be a costly project; however, this will improve the climate control in your home and bring down the cost of AC by blocking heat from the sun as well as heat from outside your home.

Another bonus from having windows replaced is the chic look they bring to your home. There are different regulations in every state regarding the minimum standards for energy-efficient windows depending on different climates, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

3. Fresh Paint-Job

This is the best trick to bringing the value of your home up for resale. Touching up the exterior paint of your home can increase curb appeal and bring a whole new look to the table.

Use a classic neutral palette if you are unsure of which color scheme to go for. But don’t stop there! Paint is the best way to brighten up the space and you should touch up each room in your home, who knew that repainting baseboards could make a room look so much cleaner?

We suggest calling professional painters to help you bring the “Wow” factor to your home improvement project.

Implement the Best Home Improvement Projects for Resale

Taking on these projects can seem like they aren’t worth the investment, but the return says otherwise. Putting in the hard work to make your place more valuable will only benefit you in the resale process.

Don’t forget to have fun in the process and put your personal touches on the project. After all, you put in the hours. Did you enjoy learning about the best home improvement projects for resale? Check out our blog for more.

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