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Tossing Toxic Cleaning Products Aside for These Natural Alternatives

Cleaning products are essential for a spotless home, but at what cost?

Research suggests that our favorite products may be filled with harmful chemicals that are doing more damage than good. We equate clean homes with certain smells, but those same scents could very well indicate to us the presence of toxic cleaning products.

image - Tossing Toxic Cleaning Products Aside for These Natural Alternatives
Tossing Toxic Cleaning Products Aside for These Natural Alternatives

Have no fear, however, you can still achieve a spotless home sans toxicity. Read on to find out what items you can swap out for a safer way to clean your space.

Peroxide Over Bleach

Bleach is a staple in most households for its powerful oxidizing properties. It disinfects and sterilizes surfaces and people know that when they use it, their home will be clean.

Bleach has a strong smell to go along with it and is known to cause migraines and other problems if inhaled. Its ingredients are actually toxic to humans and pets by causing irritation and cell death in the skin.

A natural alternative to bleach that will still allow you to receive the same level of cleanliness, while also not jeopardizing your health is hydrogen peroxide.

This is a powerful bleaching agent that can safely be used all over the home. There’s no risk of poisoning or harming the skin plus it’s better for the environment.

If you’re looking to add more eco-friendly cleaning products into your arsenal, then hydrogen peroxide is a great place to start!

White Vinegar for Glass

A home isn’t fully clean until the windows and mirrors are spotless. It’s tempting to buy inexpensive glass cleaners from the store but those are unfortunately filled with carcinogens. Luckily, there’s a safer and cheaper alternative to choose from.

Instead of risking your health, you could use white vinegar and achieve the same results. It’s a much cheaper option and the only combination you need to have clear mirrors and windows is part white vinegar and part water. And for extra shine, use old newspapers to avoid streaking!

All-Purpose Cleaners

The convenience of all-purpose cleaners is unmatched! With just one product, you can clean most surfaces in your home making it perfect for a Saturday morning deep clean, and day-to-day maintenance.

These cleaners also contain harmful chemicals such as triclosan, phthalates, and ammonia. When using products with these ingredients we run the risk of the toxins entering our bloodstream and causing other health problems which defeat the whole purpose of cleaning.

Try swapping out your traditional cleaner for a homemade version using baking soda, white vinegar, and essential oil. These ingredients will give you all the strength you need minus the risk.

If you prefer having your home professionally cleaned with recurring maid services, look for companies that use natural cleaning products to ensure your safety. Some companies even specialize in creating homemade cleaning products customized to you and your homes’ needs.

Toxic Cleaning Products Be Gone!

Cleanliness says a lot about a person and just because you want to use natural products doesn’t mean your space will be any less clean. In most cases, it’ll be much cleaner and safer.

You can have a clean home without the use of toxic cleaning products. In fact, all the items you need are already in our home it’s just a matter of putting together the concoction that works best for you!

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