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How to Find the Best Professional Maid Cleaning Service for Your Needs

Americans spend on average about 6 hours a week cleaning their homes. That’s a lot of time devoted to scrubbing, sweeping, and dusting!

But even if you spend six hours a week cleaning your home, you might still be unsatisfied with the results. If you’ve ever been to a hotel or the home of someone who uses a professional maid cleaning service, you know that those spaces aren’t just clean—rather, they’re impeccable.

image - How to Find the Best Professional Maid Cleaning Service for Your Needs
How to Find the Best Professional Maid Cleaning Service for Your Needs

So, how do professional cleaning services do it? Read on for some helpful tips that come strain from maid services.

A Professional Maid Cleaning Service Is Organized

Are your cleaning supplies buried in the bottom of a cabinet or in the back of a closet? Do you have trouble finding cleaning products, even if you use them often?

You might be wasting time just trying to get all your supplies together—which means you’re less likely to clean on a regular basis. Once you have an organized space with a special spot for everything you need, you might find yourself dreading cleaning time a little less.

You should also make a plan for when and how often you will clean certain rooms and appliances. Write it out and put it on your fridge, so you’ll be sure to stick with it!

Don’t Put Things Off

Do you proactively clean things like your toilet, bathtub, stove, or kitchen table? Or do you wait until these surfaces are so dirty that you just can’t stand it anymore, and then finally break out scrubbing bubbles?

If you actually take the initiative to clean these things once a week—before they get filthy—then you’ll save time cleaning them in the long run, and your home will be consistently cleaner. It’s a lot easier to clean off a little dirt than having to scrub through caked-on layers of grime!

If you stick to this schedule, soon your home will feel like you have weekly maid services!

Simpler Is Better

You may think you need an entire closet full of cleaning supplies that are specialized for each and every surface in your home—but cleaning will be a lot easier if you just stock up on time-tested basics.

A mop, a broom, some rags, a duster, a couple of versatile cleaning solutions, and some baking powder—that’s all you need to get your home nice and clean!

Start Early

There’s a reason why hotel housekeeping shifts often start at 5 am—it’s because it’s easier to clean when there’s lots of light flooding the room.

It’ll be easier for you to see dirt, and know when your space is actually clean, during the day. Make it a rule of thumb that you won’t clean your home past 3 pm.

Happy Cleaning!

Now that you know the tricks of the professional maid cleaning service trade, it’s time to start getting your home in shape!

If you found this post helpful, feel free to check out the rest of our site for more tips on making your home look its best.

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