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Should I Hire a Professional Maid Service or an Individual Maid?

Hire Professional Maid or Individual Maid — Everybody loves spending time in a clean home or office, but not everyone has the time nor the skill to keep them that way. But there are a lot of reasons to keep your home or workspace clean other than aesthetics. Living in a clean environment means fewer allergies, less bacterial infections and overall a better quality of life.

Should I Hire a Professional Maid Service or an Individual Maid?
Should I Hire a Professional Maid Service or an Individual Maid?

Should I Hire a Professional Maid Service or an Individual Maid?

If you want to hire somebody to keep your home or office clean, you’re basically down to two options. The first one is to hire an individual to work as a maid. The second is to hire a professional cleaning company. The most common argument for hiring an individual is often that they charge less. But does that make them cheaper? Not necessarily.

Read on to find out why hiring a professional maid service makes more sense than hiring an individual.

Hiring an Individual Means More Responsibility

In most cases, individual maids will require you to formally employ them, meaning you’ll have to cover their income and other state and federal taxes. Suddenly that whole idea that individual maids are cheaper goes down the proverbial drain. You’ll have to file for special tax forms annually and can get in trouble with the IRS if you forget.

Another important aspect to consider is insurance. If the maid breaks something in your home or even worse, gets injured while doing so it becomes your responsibility.

When hiring a cleaning service you won’t have to worry about any of that. If you are dealing with a respectable company that actually employs maids (rather than making verbal employment agreements), the cleaning company handles their taxes and insurance and will compensate for any damaged items or injuries sustained by the workers.

Cleaning Services are More Reliable

When hiring an individual maid you have to keep in mind that they are only human. Sometimes they might feel ill, sometimes their children may feel ill or they might have an unavoidable family emergency. Unfortunately for you, that means that you cannot count on your maid to clean your home until their personal issue is dealt with.

With a cleaning company, you can always be sure that somebody will be there at the scheduled time to clean your home or office. With many maids in their ranks, even if someone does fall sick a maid company will simply find them a replacement.

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You Don’t Have to Provide Cleaning Supplies

When somebody says hiring an individual maid is cheaper, ask them if that involves the cleaning supplies as well. Apart from having to pay for the supplies you also have to do your own shopping. You also need to know which products your maid should and shouldn’t use, especially if you have children or pets.

A professional maid service always uses their own products that have been deemed safe and effective. Apart from cleaning products, maid services have the right equipment to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned, and most of these things you cannot get in the local Walmart (or you can, but with an insane price tag).

Cleaning Services Deploy Teams

There’s no better way to put this: two maids are better than one. If necessary, professional maid services can send cleaning teams to take care of the chore more quickly and efficiently. So if you have an important meeting at the office or a dinner at home, a cleaning service can make sure your home is cleaned at least twice as fast than when hiring an individual maid, without sacrificing the quality of the job.

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