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How To Keep Your Kitchen Renovations Under $10,000

We love a nice-looking and very functional kitchen, and so do our friends. When we are having a friendly chat about homes, kitchens, and other related stuff, most of the time it’s about the kitchen and ways to improve it. We are always in unison that a great kitchen is necessary for every home.

Who doesn’t like a shiny sink, or a functional and elegant countertop, or perfectly looking floors that make your kitchen a place where good things happen? But the real question is, how can we keep it wrapped under a tight budget?

image - How To Keep Your Kitchen Renovations Under $10,000
How To Keep Your Kitchen Renovations Under $10,000

Your Kitchen Deserves the Best

When you have a great working environment like an elegantly-designed kitchen, you’ll notice everything level up a few notches.

But how can we stretch our $10,000 budget to get that elegant and functional kitchen we always dream of? Are there hacks or shortcuts we can take to make our kitchen the best in its class?

Let us have a closer dissection on how we can maximize our tight budget to fit and make the best renovation for our kitchens under $10,000:

  • Focus Only on Those Areas You Feel is Important. Here are some areas that need your attention: cabinets, flooring, and countertops. You need to answer this question as honestly as you can, “Do they need repair or just some minor updating?”.

Do you badly need to replace your tiles? are they worn-out things like that should be your priority when thinking of your renovation. By specifically identifying issues, you’ll be saving a lot on repairs.

  • Prepare to do a lot of DIY. Sometimes our budget and our plan don’t seem to go along well. You want a lot of action, but you have very limited finances. We would suggest doing many of your kitchen upgrades by doing them yourself.

Why not watch improvement shows, or watch online tutorials on DIY home improvements? Just an advice, if you are not an expert on electricals, plumbing, and other structural works, please don’t do it yourself; you might do a lot of damage rather than improvements.

  • Plan and Map Out Your Renovations Properly, and Don’t Do It All at Once. Since you are on a tight and limited budget, doing a lot of work can help you stretch it out a bit, and it can help you see one small victory at a time.

The tendency to do one massive upgrade can sometimes leave you frustrated when you realize that your budget would not allow it to finish. You can imagine many unfinished things that would happen because you did it in one single setting.

So, our advice is, map out and fight small battles. This may take longer, but it will allow you to have a lot of wiggle room and flexibility just in case you come up with something better. Because as always, there is always a better way of doing things; it is just not now.

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Here are Some Suggested Projects That You Can Easily Accomplish with Less “Professional” Intervention

By doing a lot of DIY, getting your dream kitchen can be within your reach. And not only that, but it also adds up to your repertoire of “newfound” skills.

Here are some that you can just do by yourself.

  • Painting your Walls and Your Ceilings – All you gotta do is slide your rollers nice and easy, and after a few hours, you’ll have an entirely “brand new” kitchen. A gallon of paint can go a long way.
  • Adding an Additional Set or Replacing Your Backsplash – It’s not really that difficult; it is like replacing your old and worn-out wallpaper.

There are tons of videos that you can watch, and with just a few practices, you’ll be an expert backsplash expert in no time.


  • Repainting of your Kitchen Cabinets This one is much easier than your walls and ceilings. Like in the movies, you can do that “brush on-brush off” routine.

You can even ask your kids to help you with this one. It’s going to be a very nice project for the family. Just make sure you have your working clothes on and some nice gloves.

  • Replacing your Floor with a Nice Set of Tiles – Compared with replacing your backsplash, this one is quite challenging; your floor is a lot bigger space compared to your countertop, but the good thing is you just put it flat and give a nice rub and adjustments (be sure you know how to use a level) and you’re done. No fancy movements, just plain nice arrangement, and snug-fitting, and you’ve made.
  • Installing Brand New LED Lighting – One of the easiest skills you can master in no time. Gently hold your old LED bulbs and turn them slowly counterclockwise to loosen. Replace it with a new LED lighting and turn it slowly clockwise to tighten, and just like that, you are done.

There you have it, a few simple things you can do to keep your kitchen renovations under $10,000. If you would like to know more DIY tips or if you need assistance with your project, reach out to Aspire Renovations today.