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How to Leverage Outdoor Dining Spaces During Colder Months

With the arrival of fall and winter, many restaurant and bar owners may think that having an outdoor dining area isn’t worth it anymore. Some will even opt to close their patio completely in the colder months.

image - How to Leverage Outdoor Dining Spaces During Colder Months
How to Leverage Outdoor Dining Spaces During Colder Months

This can be a big mistake. Outdoor dining spaces don’t have to be used only during the summer season. For example, you can install a heater that is reputed like a Bromic heater to keep your outdoor space functional and warm throughout the year.

Here are some easy and effective ideas for you to consider when planning what will work best for your space.

1. A Mix of Seating Options

Provide your customers with different options when it comes to seating arrangements.

For example, you can have one or two tables with bench seating along the wall to complement the outdoor patio furniture in your dining area. This will give people more sitting options during colder months when they need it most.

Also, let them choose to dine on the patio or order food and drinks at the bar counter. You can also mix both of these options so they can choose at their own will.

2. Install a Portable Heater

Having a portable heater is an efficient way of keeping the space warm without increasing your energy bills. Install them next to the seats so you can keep food warm while they eat.

You can easily move them around or bring them inside when you don’t need them. They are also very flexible, so it won’t be a problem if you want to change your setup with the change of seasons.

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3. Add Heating Strips Under Tables

To make sure that no one feels the cold air seeping under their tables, you can add heating strips under them.

As a bonus, those who don’t want to dine outdoors anymore will still stay at the bar area and enjoy a drink without having to go inside.

4. Choose Wall-Mounted Heating Options

Wall-mounted heaters are an excellent choice if you want to keep your space warm even when the weather is cold. Since these are mounted on the wall, they will consume less energy and won’t be in anyone’s way.

Options like Bromic Heater are also perfect for places with small spaces since you can mount them right next to tables without worrying that your customers won’t be able to move around easily.

5. Don’t Forget the Bar

Even during colder months, patrons will still go to bars, so you don’t have to close them down completely. You can relocate the bar space indoors and offer only limited food items while keeping drinks available outside.

Just make sure that there are portable heaters to keep the bar area warm. This also means that your outdoor space can still be used as a waiting area.

In summary, having an outdoor dining space doesn’t have to be seen as a waste of resources during the colder months.

You just need to determine which type of heater will work best for your customers and move around accordingly. Remember that you should also provide them with other seating options so they won’t feel like they’re outdoors all the time.

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